(Stripper) “Ninja Cheerleaders”

 and  slum in this confused film. Listen to the recap a movie about… well, ninja cheerleaders.

This episode was recorded on the last day of production on “Totally Biased W/ Kamau Bell.” Every day I worked there the sound engineer, Rob would ask “You see ‘Ninja Cheerleaders’ yet?” I thought he was joking. There can’t be a movie about cheerleading ninjas with  and ! Oh yes there can. Finally we recorded this episode on the last day of working on the FXX talk show.

Since it’s the day after the wrap party and there’s nothing to do in the office, I found time to talk to Rob. We also found an empty office. It was of the EP, Chuck Sklar. Chuck was featured in our last episode. Chuck may make an appearance in this episode. You’ll hear a lot of talking. That’s because the show is cancelled and no one gives a shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

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  1. I reviewed this a few years ago and got a lawsuit threat from the actress who plays the female villain because I mentioned she was in the movie, and it was somehow harming her reputation because she’s not in the entertainment industry any more. Good times.

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