Sharon Stone Gets Cut in “Scissors”

Eric Spiegelman (Midroll hotshot, “Old Jews Telling Jokes”) proudly resents Sharon Stone’s “Scissors.”

The 1991 film about a woman who is constantly groped and attacked by every man in this film. Then she gets locked in an apartment for half the film. Strangest film we’ve reviewed yet.

(See movie below)

Eric and I recap the film. Plus we talk about what lengths we’d go for a cheap apartment in New York compared to LA. Eric produced the very popular “Old Jews Telling Jokes.” At the very end of the show, hear my mom and his dad tell dirty jokes.

After a young woman is attacked in the elevator she meets her neighbors (two brothers) for the first time.

One of the brothers has a secret, the other has a crush on her. Her analyst tries to help her over the attack, but when she is invited to a mysterious apartment things get worse and worse.

This is a very unknown Sharon Stone movie before she became kind of iconic with BASIC INSTICT. Stone is a trammed girl who locks alone in his apartment collecting scissors and making weird dolls. At the opening, she is attacked by a stranger who attempts to rape her in a elevator but her neighbor saves her. He becomes very interested on her but she just’t don’t keep him attention. Searching for a job she goes to a good looking, futuristic apartment and suddenly she got lock in there.

There are suspense to feed you even if we have seen this before in films like REPULSION or GASLIGHT. Stone is very good in her role and all the last part in the apartment is very atmospheric and intriguing. The direction is really good and tries to innovate in a very good way. This movie is hard to find so if you find it for any chance try it.