Orlando, Nicko and Team Coco

Bonus clips from interviews of Orlando Jones, filmmaker Jeremy Sklar and Nicko. Also Andres Du Bouchet (“Conan” writer) and Adam Felber (“Wait…Wait Don’t Tell Me”) have a new “Ain’t Everything Cool dot Yes.”

Orlando Jones tell us why he thinks gamers are the best audience. He also talks about his Machinima show “Tainted Love.” 

Andres and Adam have a summer movie round up (Spoiler – they love everything. -End Spoiler.) Listen to past “reviews” from them here and here. We recorded the bit at our live comedy show “Light Fantastic.” But the club we were performing at had a techno dance room downstairs. You’ll hear the beats in the background.

Jeremy and I talk about breaking into independent film and why he thinks d-list actors are jerks.

It’s our tribute to the great Succotash  podcast!

Mentioned on the show, Check out the interview with the owner of the Leammle Theater chain. He brought people “Swingers” and “The Room.”

Also my interview with Michael Williams from “The Blair Witch Project.”