Is Tommy Wiseau Scared of Rick Harper?

“The Room” is fully exposed in Rick Harper’s doc “Room Full of Spoons.”


Find out a


bout the legal feud with Tommy, their strange friendship, where Tommy is actually from, how much work did it take to find his home town, and what Rick thinks of James Franco’s new movie “The Masterpiece.”


Rick Harper is a filmmaker who likes many became obsessed with what’s been considered, the Citizen Kane of bad films, called “The Room.” The movie is about a man betrayed by his best friend and his future wife.
Turns out, the story behind the story is even more fascinating. The most interesting person in this is the film’s director, Tommy Wiseau. Rick spent over five years and $100,00 of his own money to make the definitive document in the room.his fascinating documentary, “room full of spoons” is available on

Tommy Wiseau!

“Denny” – Philip Haldiman

The man who claims he directed “The Room.”


Play “The Room” video game!

Review of “Room Full of Spoons”

The man who writes “The Room” fan fiction & his version of the pre-quel.

Two newcomers give their reaction to “The Room.”

Review from

I had no idea of what the hell I was gonna watch… a documentary about the worst movie ever??? Can it be good or will it be bad as the movie? Well this documentary is great, and even if it is 2 hrs long, it doesn’t feel like 2 hrs… I guaranteed that you will laugh will watching, and then you will for sure make at least one research on Google to know more about the movie The Room even if pretty much all the topics are covered in the documentary. It also demonstrate the great quality that an independent studio can deliver as a final product… It can be easily compared to big production documentaries. It is easy to follow since the story line is well written and the different topics are well presented. Nice jobs made by the production. Great time guaranteed to watch with your friends!

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