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Chet Waterhouse B4 He “Played With Pain”

Chet Waterhouse B4 He “Played With Pain”

Chet Waterhouse┬áis back by popular demand! Jeff Cesario and Adam Felber’s show, “Chet and the Psycho Killer.” It’s a sports show and I know nothing about sports. Ok, the show hasn’t aired anywhere, Jeff wants to do a show with his very funny sports character and we recorded a couple of shows. Check it out, it’s very funny.
Chet and the Psycho Killer

Chet on Sports movies


Chet has appeared on many shows like Adam Carolla, Steve Gorman and his own podcast on Podcast One, “Play With Pain.”

Thanks to Chris Gore, Jeff, Adam and Don the accountant.


Chet with Adam Felber
Sports Movies
A writer from the Oscars Tells (Almost) All

“The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” & “Jack Frost”

“The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” & “Jack Frost”

Double Feature! Jeff Cesario (“Jack Frost”) and Paul Sullivan (Bonnie Hunt Show) join us (that’s me) to talk about the 1977 sports classic “The Fish that saved Pittsburgh.” The 70’s basketball comedy without Gabe Kaplan.

Also Jeff discloses that beside writing The Oscars and Dennis Miller he co- wrote “Jack Frost…” (record Scratch) WHAT!?!!? You mean the one where Michael Keaton dies and turns into a snowman so he can bond with his son? Why aren’t we doing that film? Well we ask him all about it.

So laugh at the 70’s style and bad acting of some of the greatest athletes ever, hear my silence while Paul and Jeff talk sports, see the backstage workings of a show about the back stage workings of a show and melt that frozen heart and hear how they made a man into a snowman. (Spoilers: Badly)

Check out Sully talk about the Steven Segal classic The Glimmer Man.
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