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The Toxic Avenger star spills his guts

The Toxic Avenger star spills his guts

Robert Pritchard star of The Toxic Avenger and  Class of Nuke’em High gives us behind the scenes stories about the making of the classic Troma films. Plus his cameo in the remake of “Return to Nuke’em High.”

Then a BONUS – More from Keith & The Girl. I tell the story of the time I went to Michael Jackson’s estate for Joe Jackson’s birthday.

Listen to an interview with the stars of Return to Nuke’m High.

Listen to an interview with the director Lloyd Kaufman

Keith & The Girl’s  first appearance on the podcast


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Sex, drugs and “Road House” Behind the Scenes

UPDATE:  ROAD HOUSE / POINT BREAK Discussion between films with ROAD HOUSE director Rowdy Herrington; actors Roger Hewlett, Bob Jennings, Kathleen Wilhoite and John Young; cinematographer Dean Cundey and costume designer Marilyn Vance

Egyptian Theatre 6712 Hollywood Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028

Sun, Mar 17, 2019 7:30pm

Joel Stein & Kathleen Wilhoite talk “Road House.” Kathleen acted and sang in the movie and gives a candid account of the nuttiness on the set of “Road House.” She talks about the crazy party life on the set and the time Patrick Swayze beat up an extra on camera. As Kathleen puts it, the behind the scenes stories are just as crazy as the movie.
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“Drop Dead Fred” with Keith & the Girl

“Drop Dead Fred” with Keith & the Girl

Keith and the Girl’s Keith and Chemda  talk about Chemda’s favorite film of all time, ever, “Drop Dead Fred.” Yikes. Phoebe Cates has an imaginary friend  (Rik Mayall) who comes back in her life doing his best Beetlejuice impression. Apparently Fred is not real. I thought he was. You agree with me, right?  Watch the movie here. Go to our Facebook page to tell Chemda what you think.

Comedy writer and host Jonathan Corbett (“Dream Tweet”)  joins in too!

Here’s a link to some interesting “Drop Dead Fred” Fanfiction. It seems like the people who wrote it, also think that Fred is real. I can’t believe I was the only one.