The Toxic Avenger star spills his guts

Robert Pritchard star of The Toxic Avenger and  Class of Nuke’em High gives us behind the scenes stories about the making of the classic Troma films. Plus his cameo in the remake of “Return to Nuke’em High.”

Then a BONUS – More from Keith & The Girl. I tell the story of the time I went to Michael Jackson’s estate for Joe Jackson’s birthday.

Listen to an interview with the stars of Return to Nuke’m High.

Listen to an interview with the director Lloyd Kaufman

Keith & The Girl’s  first appearance on the podcast



Background from Wikipedia:

This was the film that “built the house of Troma”,[3] and was Troma’s first horror film. Previously the production company focused on sex comedies such as Cry Uncle! and Squeeze Play!. Subsequently, Troma focused almost exclusively on horror films. The Toxic Avenger

In 1975, Lloyd Kaufman had the idea to shoot a horror film involving a health club while serving as the pre-production supervisor on the set of Rocky. At the Cannes Film Festival, Kaufman had read an article that said horror films were no longer popular, so Kaufman claims that he decided to produce his own version of the horror film. The film’s final outcome was less a bona fide horror film and more of a campy superhero-spoof with extreme violence embedded throughout. The setting of the movie in a health club and the movie was given a working title of Health Club Horror.[1][4] Kaufman wrote the script with the help of writer Joe Ritter. The Toxic Avenger

Several cutscenes are viewable on the film’s Director’s Cut DVD. Some of these scenes involve Bozo and his gang at the Health Club, Melvin (as the Monster) and his growing relationship with Sara, conversations between Belgoody and his henchmen and the real cause of Wanda’s and Julie’s demise (neither were killed). The Toxic Avenger

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