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Court TV Confessions With Georgie George

Court TV Confessions With Georgie George

Late at night at the offices of “Judge Alex” writer/producer Georgie George and I talk  about her craziest cases, people fighting in court and what makes a good show. There’s a bit of movie talk:  Leonardo DiCaprio  not getting any respect, the Oscars, Lenny Henry, Eugene Levey, Ben Affleck snub and most importantly, court TV. Besides writing movies and creating dramas, Georgie George is Senior Producer on the daytime court show, “Judge Alex.” Georgie gives us her favorite cases




Fall TV 2012 w/ Marc Berman

Fall  TV 2012 w/ Marc Berman

It’s our 3rd annual Fall TV Preview. Marc Berman talks about the highs and lows of the fall TV season.

The first show to be cancelled? Will “Nashville” work? Will the Flintstones return?

The breakout hit of the season? Is the CW going out of business?

Do shows with Monkeys work?

TV Media Insights’ Marc Berman will tell you!

Next week we interview from MST3000, Kevin Smith aka “Tom Servo.”

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