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Future Classic: Lifetime’s Anna Nicole Smith TV Movie

Lifetime goes back to the campy well with a bio pic on Ann Nicole Smith. It will debut on June 29.

Listen to an interview with the man who directed Anna’s last movie.


“ADVERTISEMENT The TV movie will explore the sordid details that created this infamous persona. It will chart her early days as a high school dropout and single mother, her job as a topless dancer and her meeting with millionaire J. Howard Marshall. Virginia Madsen portrays Anna’s mother Virgie.”

Anna Nicole Smith: Behind the Tragic End

 Anna Nicole Smith’s last film was “Illegal Aliens.” David Giancola directed that ill fated film and made a documentary about his insane experience. The movie has lots of footage of Anna on and off camera.  David and I talk via Skype about making both b-movies like Anna’s last “Illegal Aliens” and the documentary “Addicted To Fame.” 

We also talk about making films in Vermont, shooting bar mitzvahs, using media and being used by media and truth behind Howard K. Stern. 

Plus local rock legend: Johnny Azer. He’s great. I booked him on a TV show 10 years ago. He was great. His YOUTUBE video is at the bottom of the page
 (Listen here)
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