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Ryan Sickler & Michelle Buteau Resent “Purple Rain”

“Purple Rain.” Prince came out of the movie gate red hot with this movie classic. Michelle Buteau & Ryan Sickler join me to see if the movie still holds up. We are reminded of some serious 80’s fashion Faux pas, lots of sexism and the waitress that can’t stop crying. We learn that Ryan doesn’t know he’s white, Michelle chose a safety school because it was safe and I drank vinegar to keep a crappy job.

Go to the Proudly Resents FB page and tell us your Prince experience. Also, tell us what character in the movie you relate to. Mine is the doctor. And tell us what you think “Computer Blue” means. Also, Ryan doesn’t consider himself white? First off, his name is Ryan!!!!

There’s also a trivia contest at the end of the show. Email me at for a chance to win a Blue Ray of “Purple Rain.” Just tell me what is Jerome’s password for Morris.

This episode wasn’t supposed to go up for a few weeks, but it was so fun, I had to share it.

MST3K’S Frank & Michele Buteau “Valley of the Dolls”

MST3K’S Frank & Michele Buteau “Valley of the Dolls”

MST3k Frank Conniff & Michelle Buteau (Vh1, “Best Week Ever”) discuss the classic “Valley of The Dolls.” All the drama, the melodrama, the drama-drama and the drama for your momma drama. Plus Frank tells the secret to hosting your own #MST3k party.

What else can I say? the movie is awesome (on Netflix) and Frank and Michelle are hi-larious. I didn’t cut anything from the episode. It’s hard, but kept I didn’t go too crazy. I only cut one story that I’m sure I’ve told 100 times.
Judy Garland’s ill fated wardrobe fitting. thanks to Tony Klootwijk.

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