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Mr. Jefferson’s Last Strut

Mr. Jefferson’s Last Strut

Sherman Hemsley died of cancer. Boring. Unless “Ghost Fever” is a form of cancer. In honor of the post Morten report, here’s the lost episode of “Proudly Resents” which features Joey La Pena and Mike Spiegelman talking about Sherman’s big flop “Ghost Fever.” This episode was pulled from rotation b/c Joey turned on his Iphone at the end of the show and messed up the audio. But the show is funny, breezy and different than the other show about this movie…why? Because Mike and Joey love this film. Also, different stories and background.

At the end of the show we talk about other podcasts that we are listening to. What shows, besides the popular, usual suspects do you listen to?

Three of the Week. 10/10

Three of the Week. 10/10

Three podcasts I wait for each week. I hope you will like…

“Daytime Justice” – Sharon Houston talks to people in the strange world of daytime court shows. I worked in this genre for five years. There are a lot of great stories. Wait for the teeth episode. Also look for my interview.


“Filmweek” – Every Friday a rotating panel of reviewers review the latest releases. Great conversations. Airs earlier that day at 11 on KPCC in Los Angeles.


“Paul Goebel Show” – It’s supposed to be about TV, but it’s mostly Paul and his funny friends goofing around. Unlike every other show with three dudes talking, each person sounds different and have a different role. He gets a lot of great guests. Paul F. Tompkins, Jimmy Pardo, Janitor from “Scrubs.”

Please email me with any suggestions. I turned the comment section off because I get 1,000 spam comments to the one real one. If you have a show  or a comment about one of the shows listed, email me or comment on our facebook page.



Also remember to listen to “Proudly Resents.” This Wednesday Nicko returns with Jon Cryer is “Hiding Out.”