(I Googled “Sexy Sci-Fi”)

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Jeffy Branion talks about the 24 hour Sci-Fi film festival, “BiTFest,” he hosts in his home every year. Jeffy gives tips on how it’s done, What kind of chairs are the best, the best and worst films shown and mentions he went to Harvard about six times. (DRINKING GAME!) Watch Jeffy’s film mash ups. They are really cool and took a ton of work. Imagine watching them at 3 AM.


In two weeks, the live show review of “Birdemic” the movie featuring Frank Conniff and Eric Schaeffer! And bonus in two weeks… Justin Stolle sent in his review of the “Birdemic” book. Yes, there’s a book written by the director about making one of the greatest bad movies ever. You can buy the book, here.

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