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The Shadoe Stevens Interview -“TRAXX”

The Shadoe Stevens Interview -“TRAXX”

You recognize his voice, but you recognize his gun? Shadoe Stevens talks about the making of the cult classic “Traxx.” It’s a movie that you watch and ask, “Were the filmmakers on drugs?” According to Shadoe, they weren’t on drugs, just drunk. (The show doesn’t confirm that. We don’t know. We weren’t there.) But it sure looks it. We learn how a local pitch man can land a three picture deal. Also the shady birth of the LA radio station KROQ. Shadoe talks about  his fascinating career and must-see terrible film.
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“Traxx” and “Star Wars Live!”

“Traxx” and “Star Wars Live!”

Is announcer Shadoe Stevens the new Rambo? Would George Lucas let a 50 seat theater do a live version of “Star Wars?” First we talk about  “Traxx” the comedy/action film that’s on the top of our all time best/worst. Stevens plays a mercenary who just wants to make cookies. Then we talk to director of “Star Wars Live” an authorized stage version of the movie that started it all.

Comedian Mike Spiegelman and The Dark Room co-founder Jim Fourniadis join Adam Spiegelman from The Dark Room in San Francisco.

Bonus – Special Announcer – Eddie Pepitone from “The Long Shot” podcast. In a rare non-Fake Gallery appearance!

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