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boiler_room_wallpaperBoiler Room, the Vin Deisel/Ben Affleck sausage fest, is proudly resented by Shawn Marek (Sideshow Network hot shot). We talk about the movie, lots of nerd stuff, the best Batman show on TV and Shawn and I compare telemarketing stories.

I can’t remember the book where I read the interview with the director of this movie. I know I told you to come to the show notes for them. I ain’t got it. So sue me. (Please don’t, it will be a huge waste of both our times.) 

Podcast Recap

https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp054.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSS“Airport ’77” (the year, not 77th sequel) is crashing into your ears! Big stars like Jack Lemmon, Jimmy Stewart, George Kennedy all sleep their way through this clunker. Christine Balckburn and Hannes Phinny from the podcast “Story Worthy” discuss this train…

Podcast Recap

Story Worthy is a great story telling show hosted by Christine Blackburn and Hannes Phinney. Each week they have a different guest and a different subjects. Stories about waiting tables, c*ck blocking, young love and barking dogs. first the hosts give their take on the…