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“Open Water” Actress Blanchard Ryan

“Open Water” actress Blanchard Ryan talks about what it was like to swim with actual hungry sharks for a movie about swimming with hungry sharks. No CGI here. Just two actors, bloody chum and scary sharks. The tiny non-union movie became a huge hit at Sundance and Ryan’s life is changed. Blanchard talks about her life changing from a working actress to a struggling movie star and back to a working actress. Ryan and I discuss her getting hit on by Paul Servino on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” being banned from Leno for choosing Conan and watching her nude scene with her parents.



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The Eric Schaeffer Interview

The Eric Schaeffer Interview

The Director of “If Lucy Fell” and “My Life’s In Turnaround,”  Eric Schaeffer, talks about life as an indie director. How he went from cabbie to indie darling and back again. (Not really back, but it sounded good.) He addresses The fall out he had with his partner and the reunion. Also sex in his films, casting and we even get a cameo from his mom.

His other works include, “Fall,” “After Fall Winter” and the TV shows “Gravity” and “They’re Out of the Business.”


It’s the full interview. That’s for Tony Klootwijk and John Kelmer. Dan McKoy, you can press pause and hear the rest later this week.