“The Adventures of Pluto Nash” with @AdamFelber and star @varnado

We discuss and go behind the scenes of “Pluto Nash” w/ one of it’s stars, Victor Varnardo. Victor tells us tales of excess, nepotism, pampered celebs, sleeping w/ half of Canada and putting Tron toys up ones butt.  Wait, nepotism in the movies?

Adam Felber (Real Time with Bill Maher) and Adam Spiegelman (proudlyresents.com) torture their pal by recounting the best (worst) parts of the film.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch and yell at.

Rotten Tomatoes called this film the worst Eddie Murphy Movie of all time. And he made “Golden Child.”

CHECK THIS! If you can send in a good movie with “The Adventures of…” in the title we will send you a signed copy of “Pluto Nash.” Details in the show.

Listen to Felber and I talk about “Good Luck Chuck.”

4 Replies to ““The Adventures of Pluto Nash” with @AdamFelber and star @varnado”

    • admin

      I honestly never saw it. Since I’m a nerd, I lied for years and told people I did so I would look cool.
      Any suggestions for another good/bad movie?

  1. Douggary

    “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” is a good “Adventures of” movie. I found your podcast amusing, but you didn’t divulge any details on claiming a copy of “Pluto Nash”…I guess I will have to count myself lucky ;-P

    • admin

      Thanks for that great find. That is a good “The Adventures of..” movie. I didn’t have details b/c we didn’t think of a prize until after we recorded. Email me your info and I’ll send you a signed copy of a movie. Or Victor can sign a good movie.
      Thanks for your comment and movie.

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