“Theodore Rex” Extincts! (It stinks)

My big bro Mike Spiegelman insist we watch the biggest mistake in Whoopi Goldberg’s career and she named herself “Whoopi Goldberg.” “Theodore Rex” is  a kid’s film with bad dinosaur costumes and shoot outs.

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It’s the future – and Whoopi is a cop with a dinosaur partner. What else do you need? Plot, jokes, production value? Naw.

From Wikipedia –


Though Whoopi Goldberg had made a verbal agreement to star in the film in October 1992 she attempted to back out. Abramson filed a $20 million lawsuit against Goldberg, which they settled very quickly. Goldberg agreed to star in the film for $7 million, ]$2 million more than the originally agreed-upon amount.

One of the attorneys on the case described this as being similar to the legal battle of Kim Basinger when she backed out of the film Boxing Helena.

Watch the movie below: