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“Surf Reality” Birth of Alt Comedy

Alt comedy in New York started in a second-floor theater in downtown New York. The co-founder of “Surf Reality” talks about starting the theater that nurtured many alt-comics.

After talking to Robert Prichard about his work in “The

Toxic Avenger” we started talking about his first love, “Surf Reality.” He talks about the theater and all the famous people who started at the famed theater. Jeff Ross, Brody Stevens, Rev Jen, Marc Maron and performance artist and R.O.T.O.R. star Margaret Trigg.

From Wikipiedia:

Surf Reality’s House of Urban Savages, also known asSurf Reality, was a 65 seat performance venue onManhattan‘s Lower East Side from 1993-2003. A laboratory for experimental performance of all kinds, Surf Reality was known for cutting edge comedy, performance art, classic burlesque, modern music, vaudeville and experimental theater.

Surf Reality began as a video production company that produced a series called The Movie of the Month Club, including such works as Dick and Jane Drop Acid and Die and Manic A-Go-Go.

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Game on! the 80′s are back!

Game on! the 80′s are back!

I got mass email from a friend who found himself on the floor of a video game convention. All the games are from the 80’s. My friend wanted to know if he should be looking out for something for anyone. Odyssey 2! I’ve been looking for one of these for a couple of years. Magnavox had their version of the Atari. It was a case where their knock off was better than the real thing. Like the Droid vs. the iPhone. Everyone (including me) have to have an iPhone even though the Droid is better and cheaper.

The Odessey 2 has a keyboard, better graphics and better games. But it was still a smaller company and they couldn’t get the arcade game names and the advertising.

So for $50 I get the game console – modified and then and $5 I get 5 games, including the really good Pac-Man rip off.

Anyway, I don’t have a Wii or an Xbox, but I’m very excited to play KC Munchin! Now to find a place that sells Hubba Bubba.