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WolfcopRitch Duncan, werewolf expert, joins me to recap the Canadian cult classic Werewolf movie “WolfCop.”

If you like alcoholic werewolves, exploding private parts and endless amount of bad guys, but don’t want to use more than 76 minutes of your time, then this movie is for you.

Ritchie and I take apart the Canadian wolffest.

Ritchie is a real werewolf expert. He co-wrote (let’s be honest, “wrote”)  The Werewolf’s Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten with Bob Powers. So if you’re feeling furry, buy their book.

Podcast Recap

FILM THREAT 12 COVERUPDATE: /Film just announced a new “Family friendly” version is in the works!

The Fantastic 4 (1994) was hidden. Listen to the inside scoop on the infamous Roger Corman “Fantastic 4.” It was a movie no one was supposed to see. The prints were burned. Who leaked it? Why would a company want to make a movie just to shelve it?

Chris Gore was the editor of “Film Threat” magazine. He did a cover story about the production – not knowing the film was doomed. DOOMED! Chris give his insight on this blockbuster bootleg. Everything you ever wanted (or not wanted) to know about the early ’90s feature film. Gore is a movie/comic book nut. So he goes off on fun tangents about all things nerdy. Luckily for us, being nerdy is in now.

I know Chris Gore was on before talking about The Fantastic 4 movie, but I wanted him to get into more details. So to my brother who called me out on having Chris Gore talk about the movie twice, lean back and learn more.

Best of Chris Gore! Podcast Recap