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Was “Mrs. Doubtfire” Really a Horror Film?

Was “Mrs. Doubtfire” Really a Horror Film?

The late Robin Williams in one of his most famous “funny help” roles.

College Humor’s Hallie Cantor deconstructs the cross dressing stalker-com“Mrs. Doubtfire.”  Hallie wrote “8 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs. Doubtfire.”

The first thing about the movie is it’s impossible to find. No one streams it. You can buy the DVD on Amazon.

The other thing is it’s more like a Brian De Palma film than a ha ha ha film. Robin Williams plays a man who dresses in disguise to steal time with his kids and keep an eye on his ex. SPOOKY! Someone made a horror movie trailer. But he didn’t have to do much.


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Three of the Week – 10/17

Three of the Week – 10/17

Lou Reads the Internet for You! -Each episode this guy does just that. Lou finds interesting and strange things from the WWW.  More interesting than it sounds. He was reading confessions of people from a confession site when his roommate walked in at an awkward moment. He left that in the podcast. It was fun to hear. Check it out.


Podcast Answerman – If you’re a podcaster this show is a must. Every week Cliff Ravenscraft answer questions, gives tips and updates on the world of podcasting. If you haven’t heard the show, start with the last episode and go backwards since he updates his tips. Cliff takes his time explaining things which helps and it’s still interesting.


The Shortwave Audio Podcast – You’re saying, “This sounds like a nice comedy troupe or a Harold from one of those UCB clubs.” Nope and you are over thinking it. It’s shortwave audio. Here’s how they describe it,  “Audio from all over the world. Hear what other listeners are hearing on the Shortwave Radio, Amateur Radio HF, VHF and UHF bands in MP3 or Streaming format. Reception Reports, Shortwave related News,Video,Links and more.


This Wednesday “Proudly Resents” talks to writer/director Rob Schrab (“Sarah Silverman Program,” “Heat Vision and Jack”).


Battlefield Earth Screen writers push the blame

Battlefield Earth Screen writers push the blame

"Admitt you wrote this movie!"

KCRW’s show “The Business” interviews, separately, the two men who wrote one of the worst movies ever, “Battlefield Earth.” They both claim they wrote a good script that was mysteriously re-written. I say, the first you spelled it, dealt it.

It’s interesting to hear the two screenwriters talk about their experience during talk time from movie jail where they are both sent for 20 to life.

Here’s the show. Tell us what you think…