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Alan Sacks: From Kotter to LA Punk

An incredible interview with a man who went from co-creating "Welcome Back, Kotter" to going deep into the LA Punk scene to making Disney Movies

 Alan SacksAlan Sacks co-created “Welcome Back, Kotter.” Alan Sacks gave John Travolta his big break. He produced films for the Disney Channel and the Jonas Brother. Most Recently, Alan Sacks managed the kid rock phenom ” .” But for me, he’s best known for the Ray Sharkey LA Punk Rock art house flick, duBeat-e-o.

On the podcast, Alan Sacks goes into great detail about his experience in the punk scene and what brought him there.

I talked to Alan Sacks and I brought up that I thought he was the manager of the kid heavy metal band, “Unlocking the Truth.” Alan immediately set me straight and let me know that he was let go. Alan’s options are his own. I know nothing of this situation. I invite the parents of the kids or the management to rebut what Alan said. But again, it’s his opinion. Not mine or the show’s.

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“Old Dogs” Flash Back!

“Old Dogs” Flash Back!

Adam Felber (NPR) and I pick apart “Old Dogs.” Robin Williams and John Travolta make are the conductors of this train wreck… and we love it! Also we discuss the “Bunkdance Film Festival,” the movies of Ullie Boll and some “Full Frontal Folley.”

Stream the movie here!

The movie spawned a very creedy music video for a song sung by John Travolta and his daughter. The song is at the end of the podcast as well as below.

This is a replay of one of the first and one of the best episodes of the show. If you haven’t heard it, you’ll enjoy it. If you have, it’s been a while. I wanted to play some episodes I really like that not a lot of people heard. Let me know what you think.
I’m also going to NYC for a month for work, so I’ve been running around. New New York episodes on the way!

Razzies Founder Speaks Out

Razzies Founder Speaks Out

The Razzies , the Oscars for bad films, is under some heat. Gawker recently accused the group for only picking big named movies to get publicity. Others accused them of picking winners based on if the star of the film will come on or not (that was me privately to my friends).

But founder and Head Raspberry John Wilson shoots down those vicious rumors.
He does admit that he was approached by a publicist to rig the votes so the client would win. Hear the shocking response. John admits to swaying the voters by letting them know that the celeb will show if he/she wins. But he would never just fixed the votes. No hanging Chads here.

The Razzies have been getting some back lash, but let’s put in perspective, it’s a competition for the worst movie.

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Listen to older shows.
Dan Kois talks his obsession with the Razzies.

Last year I interviewed the Razzies founder John Wilson about the history of the awards.

Adam Felber and I talk about “Old Dogs.”


Battlefield Earth Screen writers push the blame

Battlefield Earth Screen writers push the blame

"Admitt you wrote this movie!"

KCRW’s show “The Business” interviews, separately, the two men who wrote one of the worst movies ever, “Battlefield Earth.” They both claim they wrote a good script that was mysteriously re-written. I say, the first you spelled it, dealt it.

It’s interesting to hear the two screenwriters talk about their experience during talk time from movie jail where they are both sent for 20 to life.

Here’s the show. Tell us what you think…

“Old Dogs” with .@AdamFelber

“Old Dogs” with .@AdamFelber

NPR’s Adam Felber and Adam Spiegelman  discuss “Old Dogs.”
After testing as an R rated movie fail, “Old Dogs” was re-cut into a kids film. It’s a mess, all over the place and really fun to watch.
The Adams also talk about one of the many Bad Movie Night clubs – Bunkdance.
You have a bad movie night? Please tell us about it.
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