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Ok, technically¬†“Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys”¬† is not a shark movie…But it’s made by the Sharknado people. And¬†it’s a cool interview¬†with¬†Fred Stoller – You know this guy from the show… he’s that¬†guy. Fred Stoller has been cast as the comic relief on sitcoms and movies for over¬†20 years.¬†I was lucky enough to interview Fred at his home about his interesting career.

Fred discusses¬†writing on “Seinfeld,” why¬†Kathy Griffin wanted to punch after sex, returning to stand up after 17 years and guest¬†starring in tons of TV shows and movies. Fred has played¬†“Fred” on shows from “Everybody Loves Raymond” to “Wings.” We also talk about the film he wrote and stars in,¬†Fred & Vinnie.”¬†It started as a real tragic event, became a short story and now a full length movie.

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