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“The Daily Show” co-creator Madeleine Smithberg

“The Daily Show” co-creator, Madeleine Smithberg talks about her amazing career in TV. From  Late Night With David Letterman to life after co-creating and running “The Daily Show.”

Madeleine give a lot of insight to the creative part of TV as well the harsh business practices. Talks about Jon Stewart changing the work atmosphere at “The Daily Show,” how she got David Spade to stop doing fat actress jokes and why Bloomberg TV rejected a very funny Julie Klasner.

She tells amazing stories about starting in live Italian TV, her one try at Reality to harsh and ridiculous network notes, to what she thinks of “The Daily Show’s” new host. Plus insights on her latest project “This Week in Black Twitter.”

Fans of TV and comedy will love her from a true insider.

We talked at her home in Valley with her son in the other room playing video games and her dog protecting us from lawn mowers and people taking out the trash.

In Madeleine’s living are her trophies for her years of work. A Peabody, an Emmy and a wax bust of David Letterman.

Madeleine Smithberg earned Peabody and Emmy Awards, and two other Emmy nominations, for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, which she co-created and ran as executive producer for seven years. During her tenure, she was directly responsible for the hiring/casting of performers such as Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Ed Helms, and Rob Corddry, Mo Rocca, Lewis Black, among others. She served as producer/show-runner for The Daily Show forerunner, The Jon Stewart Show, on MTV and later in syndication. She also brought her skills as executive producer and writer of The WB comedy/variety show Steve Harvey’s Big Time. She spent six years as a talent coordinator, then producer, for NBC’s original ’t Sleep! Hosted by T.J. Holmes.  

If you want more, here’s another interview with Madeleine. 

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Chuck Sklar – Star of Louis C.K.’s movie

fourLouis C.K. released his 1998 art film “Tomorrow Night.” I talk to the star of the film, Chuck Sklar.

Chuck talks about sitting in a bowl of ice cream for the role and working with a then unknown JB Smooth. Plus, what’s like to write jokes for Conan, Chris Rock, Bill Maher and George Lopez.
Emmy Award winner Chuck Sklar is  also a great stand up  and wrote for “Everybody Hates Chris” and Co-created “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.”
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Chris Pine Blind & Fred Savage Love

Chris Pine Blind & Fred Savage Love

 Chris Pine, Jenny McCarthy, Steve Carell and Fred Savage all worked with actress Judith Benezra (The Moth) whether they knew it or not. Judith takes us through some of the rough patches of Hollywood films as we learn what happens when bad movies happens to good actors. Judith is great actress who has appeared in some the strangest films.

“Blind Dating” is Chris Pine as a …wait for it… blind guy who goes on dates with women he’s never met. Fred Savage is in the unfortunate sex romp “The Last Run” and Jenny McCarthy gets dirty in “Dirty Love.” Plus, why “Evan Almighty” might have gone over budget. Joe Mortimer co-hosts.

This was actually the 7 episode I ever recorded. It got lost and I just found the hard drive with the original audio. So don’t act like you heard, because you didn’t. But if you feel like you don’t want to hear it b/c it’s not new, I get it.

At the end of today’s show there’s a bonus. Joe had this funny idea of reviewing a movie that had not come out yet. It’s way dated so I put it at the end instead of the beginning where it was originally. Note that she was the closest, but Judith guessed the wrong amount for the opening weekend of “Furry Vengeance.”