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Not a Cigar?

While watching “Xanadu” I noticed that they had fake graffiti that kinda looked like a penis. After catching this gaffe, I started seeing phallic symbols everywhere. Thankfully my Motorola phone has a camera in it (unfortunately it only takes film) so I could document these visions.   Enjoy the post and listen to podcast!


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Razzies Awards & Sean Conroy

The Razzies & a tiny actor. The founder of the Razzies  talks about giving out awards for the worst movies of the year and if he’ll let Sandra Bullock off the hook.

First we talk to a very small Italian actor who was a troll in  “Troll 2,” a black swan in “Black Swan” and  a   pretty horse in “All the Pretty Horses.”

Sean Conroy (UCB) and Marilyn Ghigliotti (“Clerks”) co-host with Adam Spiegelman.