Worst Baseball Movies Ever. Swing and a Miss!

Writer, director and podcaster, Paul Sullivan comes to give us the three (plus bonuses) worst baseball movies ever. Paul is the host of the daily baseball podcast, “Sully Baseball.” That show is going to hit episode #1,000 real soon.

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So I invited him on to talk about the nation’s two favorite past times, baseball and listening to Sully’s podcast. I mean movies. As Paul points out, the list of the best BB movies are usually the same. SO he picks films that didn’t quite knock it out of the park (get it?)

I’ve seen most of the films Paul’s talking about. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, since I HATE watching baseball games. I like going live. That’s an event. But watching on TV or as my dad did, listen on the radio, never made sense to me. Like I tell Paul, when people start talking sports, they might as well be speaking Chinese. Not at all fun.

This is a great list of bad baseball movies. Plus we go off and talk about other things. Vin Diesel going “full Steve Segal,” good and bad Albert Brooks, Marc Maron’s search for your “guys,” how we met, Paul’s Holocaust denial and Paul’s Holocaust denial, denial.


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