“Star Wars Holiday Special,” Adam Sandler’s “8 Crazy Nights” and the War on Christmas

We’re ripping apart, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, Star Wars Holiday Special, Adam Sandler’s 8 Crazy Nights and a blasfominst review of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” plus a new song from the great Rob paravonian.

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As you can tell from my voice, which is more nasal than usual, I’m sick! So I’d listen to the whole show at 1.25 speed. I sound normal that way.

For the holidays, I collected different movie reviews for each denomination. As you know there’s a war on christmas!

Growing up in public school, we were told that because of “the chanukah people,” and not the separation of Church and State, we couldn’t just sing Christmas carols in class. We had to sing chanukah carols. You know all those famous chanukah carols. Like Dreidel,dreidel…

In the spirit of that music teacher who must be dead by
now, we have a screen-shot-2016-11-25-at-11-11-24-pmdiverse show. We have my brother Mike  Spiegelman ripping apart 8 crazy nights, Jimmy pardo, todd levin and Sharon houston talking “Kirk cameron’s saving christmas.

First, to be politically correct, we celebrate Life day. Here’s a review from a very early episode that’s not on itunes anymore. It’s me, obs, actor Matt Swanson and writer FM Demarco.  

FM speaks first –


That was the live “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas“ episode i did with jimmy pardo, todd levin and sharon houston. It’s a great movie – well not really a movie. Find links to full episode,
  on itunes and where ever else you listen to poscast, or for all the many christmas themed episodes and blogs go to Proudlyresents.com/ch. There’s reviews of Christmas with the kranks, Santa clause the movie and much more.

If you want to watch the Star Wars Christmas Special and read an oral history of the special go to  proudly resents .com 

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Then it’s Sherilyn’s ( ) review of “it’s a wonderful life.”

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A programming note, Sherilyn and Mike talk about bad movie night at the dark room.  Well, the thing is, neither is still around. So you’re SOL. But Mike has a great podcast that’s like a bad movie night called “Let’s watch a movie together on Youtube.” or go to Prouldlyresents.com/lets. There’s going to be a cool showing of two bad Christmas movies December 4th in LA. Send me an email if you want information. Reachadam@mac.com.

If you havlet_it_out_davey_by_stereoset95-da9hiuf-1e a favorite bad christmas movie, send it to me at Reachadam@mac.com. A pro tip, turn on lifetime or hallmark channel right now and there should be a terrible xmas film on right now. It’s the reason for the season!

Also thanks to Marc Herson from the Succotash Soundcast podcast for inspiring this format. I should have a couple more Christmas shows coming up including Jack Frost.

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