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Was “Mrs. Doubtfire” Really a Horror Film?

Was “Mrs. Doubtfire” Really a Horror Film?

The late Robin Williams in one of his most famous “funny help” roles.

College Humor’s Hallie Cantor deconstructs the cross dressing stalker-com“Mrs. Doubtfire.”  Hallie wrote “8 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs. Doubtfire.”

The first thing about the movie is it’s impossible to find. No one streams it. You can buy the DVD on Amazon.

The other thing is it’s more like a Brian De Palma film than a ha ha ha film. Robin Williams plays a man who dresses in disguise to steal time with his kids and keep an eye on his ex. SPOOKY! Someone made a horror movie trailer. But he didn’t have to do much.


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Nicko & the Worst Sitcom of the Year

Nicko & the Worst Sitcom of the Year

ABC’s sitcom “Work It” has been called the worst show on TV in years. They made it and put it on air. So Nicko and I were planning on reviewing the show, and then they cancelled it. UGH! Now you have taste, ABC?

Caleb Bacon, Paul Goebel, Paul Sullivan and my brother Mike Spiegelman call to leave their opinions about the doomed show and plug their projects. Sullivan makes a great point that the show starts with a reference to “The Accused.” A rape joke that refers to a movie from 20 years ago.

Here we are comparing who has the worst TV, GB or USA.

This podcast opens with Nicko and I trying to sync up our recordings. We’re supposed to count at the same time. Nicko can’t figure that out.

Today is a short show because of technical problems. We will have more conversations with Nicko next time. You can watch the pilot for work it on and comment on our Facebook page.