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Flop House 2: “Ghost Shark”


Nicko finally gets me to watch “Ghost Shark.” Spoiler alert: It’s spoiled. A shark dies in a mysterious cave and that make him a ghost. He can pass through anything as long as it water. You know, puddles, hoses, drool. But the can still eat you.

Watch below. But not while driving, you might fall asleep at the wheel.

On this show: Nicko and I talk about her new book, she mentions I’m Jewish, shitty co-workers, Nicko’s viral video, her shirtless boyfriend washing dishes, men who play with toys, how to rip off other shows,  my cat makes an appearance and of course, Nicko refers to me being Jewish.

*Relax, listen to the show to figure it out.

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Orlando, Nicko and Team Coco

Bonus clips from interviews of Orlando Jones, filmmaker Jeremy Sklar and Nicko. Also Andres Du Bouchet (“Conan” writer) and Adam Felber (“Wait…Wait Don’t Tell Me”) have a new “Ain’t Everything Cool dot Yes.”

Orlando Jones tell us why he thinks gamers are the best audience. He also talks about his Machinima show “Tainted Love.”  Read More

#Podcrawl “Batman & Robin” & Nicko

Bad Film Club’s Nicko joins me in reviewing “Batman & Robin.” It’s another #Podcrawl and this time we get stuck with the worst of the worst. This film is the fourth in the line of Batman movies that fans went to because they thought they had no choice.

It’s out of hand. All I know is that I couldn’t stop playing with my cats. It’s the most unprofessional episode ever. Ever. Totes.

If you want to be a completist, Check out the other shows involved in Podcrawl!

Bonnie and Maude – “Batman Returns” (With great info about Catwoman.)
Read It And Weep  – “Batman Forever...until the next film flops” (With the very funny @taintdog)

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Nicko Goes to “Cheerleader Camp” AKA “Bloody Pom Poms”

ldTtNHKRFPxNlnEkih0ZfBeC8JiNicko returns with a bummer. “Bloody Pom Poms” aka “Cheerleader Camp.” It’s boobs, blood and bad. Watch the movie here for free. Listen to the recap.

Plot of movie: An unknown killer is killing off the members of a small cheerleader group at a remote cheerleader training camp.

Plot of Podcast: Nicko insults me for 47 minutes. Welcome back! Also, hear Nicko’s idea for a show that already exists.


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The Best Bad Shark Films You’ll Ever See

Nicko & I take a bite out of the best bad shark films, ever. Excluding Jaws and Sharknado. We dig deep and find the best of the worst movies about killer sharks. Nicko reveals the unknown “Jaws 5” AKA “Cruel Jaws” which she describes as “very unofficial.”

These films are so bad, your Jaws will drop.

Of course we missed a few. Tell us here or on our Facebook page.

Listen to the podcast!

Or watch it here.

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Nicko Boggles “Boggy Creek”

“Boggy Creek” and “Boggy Creek 2.” One is a great bad movie and one is just plain bad. You get two movie reviews in one show!  Nicko wanted me to review “BC2” but sent me the link to “BC1.” Listen to our two prong review. It was originally on Google Hangouts. Watch the whole thing here.
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“Parental Guidance” for Nicko

pg blog picBilly Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei star in this non-com “Parental Guidance.” Nicko returns on a live Google Hangout to talk about the film. Watch us talk about it below or just listen. I’m not here to tell you how to listen to the show. But feel free to share the show on your social media. You are our advertising team. Get cracking!

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Nicko and I Pick the Razzie Noms 2013!

Nicko and I pick nominees for the Razzies. It’s the beginning of the Razzie season and we’re ready to vote. The Razzies are the awards for the worst movies of the year. Sometimes they get a little mean or petty. But the choices are strong this year. “1,000 Words” and “That’s My Boy” are great contenders. It’s also the year that Tyler Perry went from cross dressing to Alex Cross. (You like that turn of phrase?) Left off the Razzie list was Mathew Fox’s manarexic killer.

The Nominees are…
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Nicko enjoys”Aerobi Cide” AKA “Killer Workout”

“Listen to the podcast on the player thingy, or I’ll shoot!”

We  talk about “Aerobi Cide” AKA “Killer Workout.” A movie so nice they named it twice. The killer in this film uses a safety-pin… I’m sorry, a giant novelty store, baby Huey sized safety-pin. The movie also offers lots of bad dialogue and tons of 80’s aerobic outfits. You can watch the movie uncensored right here, below! Watch it, tell us what you think.Listen to the podcast!

From Two years ago, a young woman named Valerie was burned after entering a tanning salon. Now, her twin sister, Rhonda runs a local gym where all of a sudden, people are being murdered.

The director found it very hard working with the director of photography because “He had no respect at all for me and fought me all the way on every single thing we shot.” (646) 481-5476

Watch the full movie for free after the jump:
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Nicko dives into “Zombie Lake”

Listen Here:
“Zombie Lake” Has Nazi Zombies, bad dubbing, funny make up, visible film crew and lots and lots of nudity. Who Could ask for more? Nicko and I discuss this French masterpiece. Watch the movie on our website for free (still too much!)

Our next film, Aerobicide AKA Killer Work Out. Has even more nudity! Watch it on our website and leave voice or  e mail.

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Watch “Zombie Lake” unedited below for free!

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