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What do you do if your actress walks off set b/c she wants a better IMDB ranking? Or you catch your PA making out w/ a random woman? Or the modeling agency want twice the money the night b4 a shoot? Daniel can solve it. He’s like a superhero whose super power is putting out fires. WWDD? What would Daniel do? Find out.

For over 20 years, (AKA the LOw Budget Czar) has been the one people turned to make their film look like expensive without a lot of cash. Sollinger answers the question “What does a producer do?” He gives his secrets to negotiating, what to do when Russell Simmons rips you off and gently informs me that I was cut from his movie “The Pact II.”

Mainly DS is here to talk about his latest films. Sollinger reveals how he got big names to appear in his little movie, “LA Slasher” (opening June 12th). Plus Sollinger takes a local web series (“Ktown Cowboys”)and shoots for crossover success.

There was so much great info, that I cut the show into two parts.



Bonus: Find out what kind of PA I was. (Spoiler: Handsy)

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