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We Rip “Hard Ticket to Hawaii”

“Just when you thought it was safe to take a pee”

Boobs, bombs and bazookas, throw in a killer snake (puppet) and this movie has it all! It’s “Hard Ticket to Hawaii.” Joey La Penna, Grace Kladstrup and Jim Conroy join me to take apart this cult classic. Jim also breaks down the the business of voice over acting and what movies are worth waiting for the end of the credits for. Take a listen to a funny episode above and watch the movie below.

From iTunes:A Hawaiian drug kingpin plans to flood the islands with narcotics financed by illegal diamond shipments to his private retreat. When his henchmen kill two DEA agents who were trying to stop the drug lord, the Agency sends in two of its best agents to break up the drug ring and take out the leader.

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Best of the Worst 2012

It’s the “Resenties,” the best of the worst movies as voted by bad movie podcasters. Shows like: We Hate Movies, Yeah…It’s That Bad, Movie Mastication, Filmjitzu, Rewatchability Podcast, Horrible Movie Night, Zombie Take out and others! Vote by leaving your pick here, on Itunes or our Facebook page. You choose.  The winner will be announced at the NYC PodFest on January 13th live in NYC! Come and watch the show! I’d love to meet ya!


Anna Nicole Smith: Behind the Tragic End

 Anna Nicole Smith’s last film was “Illegal Aliens.” David Giancola directed that ill fated film and made a documentary about his insane experience. The movie has lots of footage of Anna on and off camera.  David and I talk via Skype about making both b-movies like Anna’s last “Illegal Aliens” and the documentary “Addicted To Fame.” 

We also talk about making films in Vermont, shooting bar mitzvahs, using media and being used by media and truth behind Howard K. Stern. 

Plus local rock legend: Johnny Azer. He’s great. I booked him on a TV show 10 years ago. He was great. His YOUTUBE video is at the bottom of the page
 (Listen here)
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Bill Burr Destroys “Alternative Comedy”

Bill Burr takes on Alt Comedy. Exposes it, rips it open and shakes it upside down.

He says Alt Comedy rooms take out all the pain and obstacles to being a comic. No hecklers, no drunks, no people who don’t know what you are talking about. Basically, no heart ache. All the bad parts of stand up at removed. So there’s no challenge.

Take a listen. Do you agree?