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Was “Mrs. Doubtfire” Really a Horror Film?

Was “Mrs. Doubtfire” Really a Horror Film?

The late Robin Williams in one of his most famous “funny help” roles.

College Humor’s Hallie Cantor deconstructs the cross dressing stalker-com“Mrs. Doubtfire.”  Hallie wrote “8 Things That Still Bother Me About Mrs. Doubtfire.”

The first thing about the movie is it’s impossible to find. No one streams it. You can buy the DVD on Amazon.

The other thing is it’s more like a Brian De Palma film than a ha ha ha film. Robin Williams plays a man who dresses in disguise to steal time with his kids and keep an eye on his ex. SPOOKY! Someone made a horror movie trailer. But he didn’t have to do much.


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“The Adventures of Pluto Nash” with @AdamFelber and star @varnado

“The Adventures of Pluto Nash” with @AdamFelber and star @varnado

We discuss and go behind the scenes of “Pluto Nash” w/ one of it’s stars, Victor Varnardo. Victor tells us tales of excess, nepotism, pampered celebs, sleeping w/ half of Canada and putting Tron toys up ones butt.  Wait, nepotism in the movies?

Adam Felber (Real Time with Bill Maher) and Adam Spiegelman ( torture their pal by recounting the best (worst) parts of the film.

This movie is a lot of fun to watch and yell at.

Rotten Tomatoes called this film the worst Eddie Murphy Movie of all time. And he made “Golden Child.”

CHECK THIS! If you can send in a good movie with “The Adventures of…” in the title we will send you a signed copy of “Pluto Nash.” Details in the show.

Listen to Felber and I talk about “Good Luck Chuck.”