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Dave Holmes & Sharon H “Ben & Arthur”

Dave Holmes & Sharon Houston proudly resent “Ben & Arthur.”  Dave Holmes found this terribly made movie that could have set the gay marriage back 50 years.   It’s a pro-gay marriage movie that will make you anti-movie. I believe if the supreme court justices recognized gay rights just so they never had to watch “Ben & Arthur” again.

Pro Gay Marriage, Anti Being a Good Movie.

Dave, Sharon and I talk about bad writing, a fake church set, a TOGO’s that won’t go.  Ben and/or Arthur is dating Ben and/or Arthur. Gay marriage is legal for a minute and in that time they have set up a trip to Hawaii for their gay marriage, reunited with a homophobic brother, fought with a wife with terrible  gaydar and Mildred.

Watch the movie that almost brought down gay marriage below.

Dave Holmes has a new memoir out called “Party of 1.” Here’s what EW said about it…

Dave Holmes might be a familiar face if you were an MTV junkie, or if you follow his writing and TV hosting gigs across the pop culture landscape. If not, consider this your introduction: Dave Holmes will publish his memoir, Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs, on June 28, 2016, in which he charts his own coming-of-age through the songs he’s listened to along the way.

Click here to read part of Dave Holmes’ book.  Dave Holmes



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Three of the Week – Gets Schooled!

Three of the Week – Gets Schooled!

Dave Jackson the host of  “School of Podcasting”  gives us his three picks for podcasts to try out. He’s a podcast podcaster, so he knows what he’s talking about!
The Bitterest Pill 
Dan Klass has been poidcasting in his garage since 2004. He is a stay at home Dad and part-time actor. Listen to him battle possums, PTA members, while trying to get the kids off to school, brush their teeth, and find time to spend time with his wife. There is a free version and a paid version.


No Agenda 
Adam Curry and John C Divorak “deconstruct media” and talk about things in the news that SHOULD be on the news instead of Kim Kardashian and Dancing with the Stars. While there is a section where they talk about people who donate to the show, the information is very interesting. It will have you watching the news in a completely different manner. It is published once a week and shows are typically 60 – 80 minutes.



Rock and Roll Geek Show
Michael Butler is the original music podcaster starting in 2004. Currently this is the longest running podcast. He “Geeks Out” on music by talking and playing music, concert reviews, music news, and interviews with Artists. He grew up in the 70s, and loves Joan Jett, Cheap Trick, and UFO style of music. As Michael puts it, it may not be perfect but it’s from the heart.

Check out Dave podcast “School of Podcasting.” When you are playing hooky check out “Dream Tweet” and “proudly Resents.”

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