Bobcat Goldthwait Gets Loud


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS (Part 2)Bobcat Goldthwait (“God Bless America”) opens up about his rise to stardom at a young age. His first time on Letterman. His unique choices of movies. Most importantly, his obsession w/ C**k-blocking. This ain’t your daddy’s interview! Unless I’m your daddy. Then it is. And I’m Read more about Bobcat Goldthwait Gets Loud[…]

More With Morty!


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSS TV legend Robert “Morty” Morton is back to talk about: the worst talk shows, who should replace Regis, who should replace Leno,  crazy Kathy Lee, c*ck blocking Clinton and behind the scenes in the Bill Hicks scandal. Watch “The Late Shift” and hear the story behind the Read more about More With Morty![…]

David Letterman Former EP Robert “Morty” Morton


Dave and Morty - Hollywood styleThe man behind Letterman – Robert “Morty” Morton talks about “The Late Shift” which is based on his time during the Letterman/Leno feuds. Morty gives us insight to what it was like to be on the front lines of the backstabbing of the late night wars.

Also, Morty chimes in on who should replace Letterman and Leno if they are ever to retire.
Today’s show is part one of an interview with Morty.

You can watch the movie on Amazon (we get a cut).


Listen to part 2 here!

Listen to part two where Morty talks about a cranky Regis, a crazy Kath Lee and who should Co-host with Kelly. Plus get behind the scenes of the Letterman/Bill Hicks story and hear how Tom Schneider busted Morty on air .  Bonus: We’ll tell you who  Tom Schneider is. […]

Nic Cage’s “Wicker Man” with @AdamFelber


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSSNic Cage’s “Wicker Man” is a must see & a cult classic. Scene after scene of “what-the-heckness?” awaits. Adam Felber (NPR, “Real Time W/Bill Maher”) joins us to discuss the worst remake ever and to find out, “How’d it get burned?” This movie is over stuffed with bad Read more about Nic Cage’s “Wicker Man” with @AdamFelber[…]