80’s Icons Kathleen Wilhoite and Dean Cameron

Kathleen Wilhoite & Dean Cameron talk about their incredible careers in classic 80’s movies.

Kathleen was in classics like “Private School,” ER, Cop Rock, “Road House” and “Murphy’s Law.”Dean was in big comedies like “Summer School,” “Ski School” and “They Came From Outer Space.”

Dean and Kathleen talk about the ups and downs of their careers and how they handle both. Find out what roles in “Friends” they were up for (sorry the “are” up for. “Still waiting.) Kathleen is also the co-host of the very funny “Suck the Joy” podcast.


This a funny and honest conversation about their lives and careers. Please enjoy it. If you have any comments please email or tweet me. I’ll read them on a future show. Or call into out hotline.Partying in the 80’s, hitting bottom, first big break, dealing with fans and what do you do when you’re not in movies anymore?  And…What took you so long, butt crust?