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Worst TV Ever? USA or UK?

Who’s TV is worse? USA or UK? Nicko with five terrible shows from her land and compares it with five awful shows I picked from my backyard. Cross dressing bachelors, singing gamblers, offensive sitcoms we have it all! Which country has the best of the worst TV? Write or call in with your comments.  Post on our facebook page.
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Three of the Week – RIP Edition

Boo! Every Monday, we present three podcasts you might not know about. Try them out. Tell me what you think.

In honor of Halloween, we feature three podcasts that are no longer making new episodes, but you can still find them on itunes. They are now dead. DEAD!


Things We Did Before RealityThis show is more of a zombie. About once a year a new episode will may show up. It’s comedian Will Franken’s show from top to bottom. He writes, records and plays all the characters. The show feels like a one man Monty Python mixed with a strange dream. Look at the shows as a double comedy album.


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