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“Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” Live w/@JimmyPardo, @ToddLevin and @SharonHouston

KIRK 2Jimmy Pardo,  Todd Levin  (Conan) and comedian Sharon Houston  (Punk’d) rip apart the worst Christmas movie ever made, “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.”

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The Razzies: Kirk Cameron Vs. Michael Bay

0804524What’s the only way Nic Cage and “Saving Christmas” can win an award this year?  The Razzies.  John Wilson and his Golden Raspberry Awards celebrate the worst movies of the year.  The new Razzie nominees are in! John join us to talk about his favorite nominees this year and in the past. He reveals which celebrities have a sense of humor and who can’t take the heat. John also tells us about his “politically correct” change, the new category that everyone will love and some of the best/worst movies ever.

Here are the 2015 Razzie nominees:


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Fireproof and Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Fireproof and Paul Lynde Halloween Special

Kirk Cameron and Paul Lynde are finally together…not really. “Fireproof” and “Paul Lynde’s Halloween Special” One is a religious movie about saving your marriage and the other is a holiday special hosted by a closet comedian. you guess which is which.

Writer FM DeMarco and actor Matt Swanson (these guys are legit – I promise) join Adam Spiegelman (not legit) to talk about the movies.

“Fireproof” – A very successful film that shows you should let god meddle with your relationship.

“The Paul Lynde Halloween special” is the typical 70’s variety show. Random guests like Tim Conway, Florence Henderson and kiss join the center square. This has to bee seen to believe. It’s on DVD, I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

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