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The Shadoe Stevens Interview -“TRAXX”

The Shadoe Stevens Interview -“TRAXX”

You recognize his voice, but you recognize his gun? Shadoe Stevens talks about the making of the cult classic “Traxx.” It’s a movie that you watch and ask, “Were the filmmakers on drugs?” According to Shadoe, they weren’t on drugs, just drunk. (The show doesn’t confirm that. We don’t know. We weren’t there.) But it sure looks it. We learn how a local pitch man can land a three picture deal. Also the shady birth of the LA radio station KROQ. Shadoe talks about  his fascinating career and must-see terrible film.
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Jaws 4, Nicko 0

Nicko & Adam review “Jaws the Revenge.” It’s a story of a shark who is out to kill the family that killed his dear old dad. It’s like “Kill Bill,” but with sunscreen and terrible Jamaican accents. Oh and it’s a shark, not a person.  Michael Caine phones it in, Mario Van Peebles forgets what movie he’s in and there’s a fair amount of terrible kid acting. 


Hear about Nicko’s voyage to NYC! Her love affair with a random cab driver. Why did she fall asleep with French toast on her face? Another visit from Luggage Tuesdays! Write us at


“The Apple” w/ Jimmy Dore & Eric Drysdale

Eric Drysdale (writer, “The Colbert Report”), Jimmy Dore (host, “Comedy and Everything Eles”) and Adam Spiegelman proudly resent “The Apple.”

It’s a movie musical about the devil, disco and elements stolen from better films like “Tommy,” “Rocky Horror” and “Xanadu.”

This 1980 movie takes place in the way future date or 1994. The whole world is run by disco music, angular clothing, rectangle glasses and entertainment. I guess they didn’t know that Napster was only 5 years away.
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