Month: June 2012

  • Jimmy Dore & Stef get “Ghost Fever” Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS Jimmy Dore & Stefane Zamorano are forced to watch Sherman Hemsley’s horror/comedy/kids’ film with cursing, “Ghost Fever.” Our first Alan Smithee film!  […]

  • Tyler Perry Gets “Cross”

    Get used to that headline. Tyler Perry has hung up his house dress and put on his crime solver suit. He’s no nonsense and he gets his man. That man […]

  • “Taken 2” Trailer

     From the Youtube channel: Release Date: October 5, 2012 Genre: Action, Thriller Director: Olivier Megaton Screenwriter: Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen Studio: 20th […]

  • Twilight Trailer Trailer

    Here’s what’s being called the “Teaser for the Trailer” for the next Twilight. I have to say the best scenes in the trailer are in the teaser. From the Youtube […]

  • Bobcat Goldthwait Gets Loud Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS (Part 2)Bobcat Goldthwait (“God Bless America”) opens up about his rise to stardom at a young age. His first time on Letterman. […]

  • ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ Trailer

    It’s the new viral campaign for the latest “Resident Evil” movie.

  • When Westerns Meet Vampires

      This is a cool video about horror films and westerns. Not to review a review, but the first three minutes of this video is ridiculous.Skip past it. You’ll enjoy […]

  • Bobcat Goldthwait talks “Shakes the Clown” Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS(part 1)Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest “God Bless America” is only his fourth film as writer and director and in one of the most unusual […]

  • Trailer: Django Unchained

    Has Tarantino gone too far? Is this his “Heaven’s Gate?” OK, I just watched it. Not as bad as I thought it would be when I wrote the first sentence. […]

  • Battleship Pretension – TV Adaptations (w/Paul Goebel)

    Tyler Smith & David Bax of Battleship Pretension review “Dark Shadows” and are joined by comedian/actor/podcaster Paul Goebel (The Paul Goebel Show, Beat the Geeks) to discuss TV-to-film adaptations. Please […]