Samurai Cop -Protection in a Wig

This 80’s “Lethal Weapon” rip off is a generous giver of gaffs, goofs and  gapes. Bad editing, no continuity, bad dialogue and a Samurai Cop who is neither a cop or a samurai is proudly resented in this episode. This is the movie with the famous fickle horny nurse scene and the great actor Robert Z’Dar.

Actor Russell Steinberg, Luke Stepleton (Machinima) and Eric Nyenhuis  join host Adam Spiegelman.

Plus: What is Machinima? Luke explains the future of media to the other three old guys. AKA “How to Make it big on the Youtubes.”

Update: Listen to the interview with the star of the movie: Matt Hannon.

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2 Thoughts to “Samurai Cop -Protection in a Wig”

  1. davems

    the reaction shots of his partner in that nurse scene are hysterical! great podcast!

    1. admin

      I was trying to see if someone cut it together on Youtube. That would be great.

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