Tag: Bad Movies

  • Jimmy Pardo, ToddLevin a& SharonHouston Roast “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas”

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp182.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSSJimmy Pardo,  Todd Levin  (Conan) and comedian Sharon Houston  (Punk’d) rip apart the worst Christmas movie ever made, “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.” Listen to more Christmas movie […]

  • Chuck Norris in his first film “Breaker, Breaker!”

    Where Chuck Norris began… and almost ended his film career. Before “Walker, Texas Ranger,” Chuck Norris kicked his way through the 70’s trucker/dirt bike/kung fu movie “Breaker! Breaker!” It’s 1977 […]

  • “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter”

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp075.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSS“Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” has risen. Actors Tara Platt and Joe Mortimer turn their back on good movies and join me to review this classic. Join […]

  • “Rock N’ Roll Nightmare”

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp007.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSS John “Mikl” Thor 80’s rock icon stars in a cheapy horror movie with penis puppets, bad special effects and tons of unexpected laughs. It’s Heavy […]

  • Samurai Cop -Protection in a Wig

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp013.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSSThis 80’s “Lethal Weapon” rip off is a generous giver of gaffs, goofs and  gapes. Bad editing, no continuity, bad dialogue and a Samurai Cop who […]

  • Couples Retreat

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp009.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: RSSBonus! USA Network is premiering this movie on June 9th. To celebrate (& capitalize) I’m re-releasing the classic episode we did on the movie. The sound […]

  • Vampire Private Eye Film

    Can a San Fran filmmaker take on Hollywood with a video camera he borrowed from one of the actors?