Ice-t as a Mule, Eric Roberts is a Cat. W/ Susie Felber and Her Kids

 Hugo (Age 6), Delia (Age 3 1/2) and their mom Susie Felber (Age ?) review “A Talking Cat!?!” & “Tommy the Cool Mule”. What more can I say? These kids are cute, opinionated and know a bad film when they see one.
Too often, bad talent is pushed off on kids. As if kids don’t notice trash. Susie showed her kids these movies without ever telling her
them the movies might not be good. The kids came to the conclusion that these films were trash.

“A Talking Cat!?!” stars Eric Roberts as the title roll. But it sounds like they recorded it in his kitchen while he was making coffee. He sounds bored and hung over. I’m not even sure he knew what he was recording. It’s shot in and around a Hollywood Hills mansion that doubles for many different locations.