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The Orlando Jones Interview


Orlando_adweek_small (1)“Sleepy Hollow’s” Orlando Jones talks frankly about his films. From his star turn in “Double Take,” to his passion projects to fighting Van Damme. Jones gives an open and honest account of his career and how Hollywood works.

Check out his films – “Double Take,” “Bedazzeled” and his latest “Enemies Closer.”


“Cheerleader Ninjas”


“Cheerleader Ninjas” is a spoof film that falls short. Playwright Robert Matsushita crosses over from his podcast to talk about this clunker.

It’s a spoof movie with a couple of legit laughs. But it’s all over the place.

A couple of people (Art Wheeler mostly) accidentally watched ”Cheerleader Ninjas” instead of “Ninja Cheerleaders.” So this is a make up show.


Exclusive: Jenny McCarthy Playboy Cover Causes Autism

Studies have found that looking at the Jenny McCarthy cover of Playboy causes autism in young boys. “My son changed after he saw that cover,” said actress Dawn Givings, “He had no signs of autism before. He didn’t talk by 16 months and there were no big smiles or other warm, joyful expressions by six months or thereafter. But once he looked at the cover, boom! Autism.”

“We trust Ms. Givings. She’s not just an actress,” tweeted one outraged parent, “Dawn Givings once auditioned to play a doctor. She came very close so she knows what she is talking about.”

“My son just got Autism from the Playboy cover and he’s twelve,” another angry mother posted on Facebook, “After he saw that cover, he just spends hours in the bathroom with it brushing his hair. No one brushes their hair that much unless they have Autism. There’s nothing else it could be.”

Ms. Givings is not taking her arbitrary findings lightly, the actress/actress sprung into action going on talk shows, fielding book deals and taking meetings.

“This isn’t about my career,” said the actress who had her career highlight years ago, “This is about spreading my crack pot theory to everyone who will listen.” Ms. Givings can be seen in the new syndicated doctor/police procedural “Diagnosis Blonde.”

The actress claiming her song got Autism from a cover a magazine says she knows Autism when she sees it. “My father is autistic. So is my uncle. I should know. It has to be the magazine cover. There’s no other explanation.”

When reached for comment, Playboy Industries were not aware that Ms. McCarthy had been in their magazine since “Clinton was in office.”

In other fake Showbiz news: 
“OLD WOMAN IN SHOE” to Be remade 

Dying Man Regrets Not Spending Enough Time at Work


(Stripper) “Ninja Cheerleaders”


 and  slum in this confused film. Listen to the recap a movie about… well, ninja cheerleaders.

This episode was recorded on the last day of production on “Totally Biased W/ Kamau Bell.” Every day I worked there the sound engineer, Rob would ask “You see ‘Ninja Cheerleaders’ yet?” I thought he was joking. There can’t be a movie about cheerleading ninjas with  and ! Oh yes there can. Finally we recorded this episode on the last day of working on the FXX talk show.

Since it’s the day after the wrap party and there’s nothing to do in the office, I found time to talk to Rob. We also found an empty office. It was of the EP, Chuck Sklar. Chuck was featured in our last episode. Chuck may make an appearance in this episode. You’ll hear a lot of talking. That’s because the show is cancelled and no one gives a shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

Dying Man Regrets Not Spending Enough Time at Work

“I did a lot of great things in my life,” movie producer Merv Flipburn said just before passing away, “My only regret is that I never did more with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.”

Flipburn pitched movies for such stars as the wrestler turned actor.

“I did a lot of great things with ‘The Rock’ in my life,” said the producer from his bed in HOSPICE surrounded by his family, “I made him an inspirational sports coach, a mean bachelor who becomes a softy when he has to bring up the daughter he never knew he had, a video game turned hopeful but DOA franchise, indie film actor, a tooth fairy who learns to less of an abusive boyfriend/step father.”

“But there was  always more I could’ve done,” the dying mogul continue while holding his wife’s hand, “He could’ve done a a rehab movie. He had a ’28 Days’ in him. I will always regret it. But with marriage and kids, there never seems to be enough time. Such is life.”

And then with his family looking on he uttered his dying words, “I will always regret not getting him a romcom.”

Mr. Flipburn is survived by his annoyed wife and three disappointed children.

Sharon Stone Gets Cut in “Scissors”


Eric Spiegelman (“Old Jews Telling Jokes“) proudly resents Sharon Stone’s “Scissors.”

The 1991 film about a woman who is constantly groped and attacked by every man in this film. Then she gets locked in an apartment for half the film. Strangest one yet.

(Watch full uncut movie below)

Eric and I recap the film. Plus we talk about what lengths we’d go for a cheap apartment in New York compared to LA. Eric produced the very popular “Old Jews Telling Jokes.” At the very end of the show, hear my mom and his dad tell dirty jokes.

Chuck Sklar star of Louis C.K.’s movie


fourLouis C.K. released his 1998 art film “Tomorrow Night.” I talk to the star of the film, Chuck Sklar.

Chuck talks about sitting in a bowl of ice cream for the role and working with a then unknown JB Smooth. Plus, what’s like to write jokes for Conan, Chris Rock, Bill Maher and George Lopez.
Emmy Award winner Chuck Sklar is  also a great stand up  and wrote for “Everybody Hates Chris” and Co-created “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.”

“An American Carol”


Comedians Janine Brito and Graham Smith & I review  ”An American Carol.” One of the guys who made “Airplane” wears his politics on his sleeve and his lunch on his shirt with this terrible political comedy.

From Wikipedia:

An American Carol is a 2008 American comedy film directed by David Zuckerand starring Kevin Farley. In some other countries the film is known as Big Fat Important Movie.  Presented from a conservative-leaning perspective, the film is a parody of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore that “lampoons contemporary American culture,

58766084a6033ea7f8f97f52b936b111particularly Hollywood.” It uses the framework of A Christmas Carol but moves the setting of the story from Christmas to Independence Day. The screenplay is written by Myrna Sokoloff and Zucker. The supporting cast includesKelsey GrammerJon VoightDennis HopperTrace AdkinsGary Coleman,Jillian Murray and Leslie Nielsen. The film was released on October 3, 2008.

The Lloyd Kaufman Interview


lloyd_toxie8Interview with Troma honcho Lloyd Kaufman. He’s directed and produced some classic cult films like “Toxic Avenger” and “Terror Firmir.” Lloyd discusses the state of independent films today and 40 years of survival despite a “media blackout.”   Also– How to crush a head on film. Hint: Don’t use a watermelon. Never a watermelon.
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Live! A Tribute to Troma


Live at the NYC Podfest - BduxnfDIgAACFP8 Guests: Christian Finnegan (Late Late Show) Mike C. Williams (Blair Witch Project) Asta Paredes & Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke’Em High) Robert Prichard (Class of Nuke Em High) and music from Ben Lerman. Of course, hosted by me, Adam Spiegelman (Proudly Resents). I’m the one behind the laptop.