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“Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes” (Not Monkeys)

Dawn-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes1Sean Conroy (“The Long Shot Podcast,” writer “Mr. Pickles”) and I talk about the #1 movie of the weekend, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” It’s filled with spoilers and mispronunciation. Listen to me call “apes,” “monkeys.”

We talk about the incredible CGI, thimgrese interesting plot and the old school sexism.

Sean and I know each other from our stand up days in the go-go 90′s. Please vote on the over under on when Sean Conroy will buy my first child a gift. The over/under is two years.

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PRP-apeHere’s some history of the “Planet of the Apes” with @ThatChrisGore.


9 Tips to Being a Good TV Cop

Attention TV police cadets – I am a veteran TV cop show watcher. I have seen things you can only imagine. After years of watching the force here’s what every good TV cop does.

1) React very strongly to kid cases - All cases of murder are horrible, but if it involves children you have to get extra angry and take it personal. “Damn it!” “It’s just not fair.” (Kick desk or punch a file cabinet.)preview1-630x433-1

2) (The Guy from) “The Butler” did it. The bigger the guest actor, the more likely they did it. Adam Arkin isn’t doing a guest spot to just to be cleared of all charges. Arkin wants a perp walk! If you meet a suspect and think, “Was that guy on that show with that lady?” – then you got your murderer. This is mostly for cops on the “Law & Order” beat. READ MORE »

Orlando, Nicko and Team Coco

Bonus clips from interviews of Orlando Jones, filmmaker Jeremy Sklar and Nicko. Also Andres Du Bouchet (“Conan” writer) and Adam Felber (“Wait…Wait Don’t Tell Me”) have a new “Ain’t Everything Cool dot Yes.”

Orlando Jones tell us why he thinks gamers are the best audience. He also talks about his Machinima show “Tainted Love.”  READ MORE »

#Podcrawl “Batman & Robin” & Nicko

Bad Film Club’s Nicko joins me in reviewing “Batman & Robin.” It’s another #Podcrawl and this time we get stuck with the worst of the worst. This film is the fourth in the line of Batman movies that fans went to because they thought they had no choice.

It’s out of hand. All I know is that I couldn’t stop playing with my cats. It’s the most unprofessional episode ever. Ever. Totes.

If you want to be a completist, Check out the other shows involved in Podcrawl!

Bonnie and Maude – “Batman Returns” (With great info about Catwoman.)
Read It And Weep  - “Batman Forever...until the next film flops” (With the very funny @taintdog)


From Intern to Director in 1 Movie


With the movie “Freerunner,” writer/director Jeremy Sklar found himself on the business end of the dark edge of showbiz. He calls it the “Auxiliary Movie Business.”

As an intern in a movie house, Jeremy quickly rose from reader, to screenwriter, director, editor and publicity. The whole way being fired numerous times. Jeremy tells his side of the story. If you have your own version, we want to hear it. (Jeremy’s views are not the views of this podcast.)

Freerunner_film_posterThere’s another world of movies outside the conventional studio system. It’s salesmen parting rich people with their money. Falling stars going for a quick cash grab. And foreign sales of American films that might never be seen in this country.


Fred Stoller Interview

You know this guy from the show… he’s that guy. Fred Stoller has been cast as the comic relief on sitcoms and movies for over 20 years. I was lucky enough to interview Fred at his home about his interesting career.

Fred discusses writing on “Seinfeld,” why Kathy Griffin wanted to punch after sex, returning to stand up after 17 years and guest starring in tons of TV shows and movies. Fred has played “Fred” on shows from “Everybody Loves Raymond” to “Wings.” We also talk about the film he wrote and stars in, Fred & Vinnie.” It started as a real tragic event, became a short story and now a full length movie.

Watch this Pilot

Don’t ask me how I stumbled on this, but I did. (DON’T ASK!) It’s a pilot for a TV show called “M.I.L.F. Money” about moms who are prostitutes. A comedy. It’s “Weeds” meets “Desperate Housewives” meets no good.


It has Miss Pyle in it. She’s a real deal actress. There’s nudity and cursing (you’re welcome) so I don’t think it was for a network. (Plus the title wouldn’t fly)

There must have been something going on here. But well… there’s over 17,000 hits and only two likes. Email, voice mail, tweet or go on FaceBook to tell me what you think. Enjoy?


AV CLUB Reviews the show!

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 6.16.01 AMAV Club gave us a nice review in their Podmass section. Here it is! (Scroll down a little. You’ll find it.)


Nicko Goes to “Cheerleader Camp” AKA “Bloody Pom Poms”

ldTtNHKRFPxNlnEkih0ZfBeC8JiNicko returns with a bummer. “Bloody Pom Poms” aka “Cheerleader Camp.” It’s boobs, blood and bad. Watch the movie here for free. Listen to the recap.

Plot of movie: An unknown killer is killing off the members of a small cheerleader group at a remote cheerleader training camp.

Plot of Podcast: Nicko insults me for 47 minutes. Welcome back! Also, hear Nicko’s idea for a show that already exists.



The Orlando Jones Interview

Orlando_adweek_small (1)“Sleepy Hollow’s” Orlando Jones talks frankly about his films. From his star turn in “Double Take,” to his passion projects to fighting Van Damme. Jones gives an open and honest account of his career and how Hollywood works.

Check out his films – “Double Take,” “Bedazzeled” and his latest “Enemies Closer.”


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