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“Theodore Rex” Extincts! (It stinks)

My big bro Mike Spiegelman insist we watch the biggest mistake in Whoopi Goldberg’s career and she named herself “Whoopi Goldberg.” “Theodore Rex” is  a kid’s film with bad dinosaur costumes and shoot outs.

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It’s the future – and Whoopi is a cop with a dinosaur partner. What else do you need? Plot, jokes, production value? Naw.

From Wikipedia –


Though Whoopi Goldberg had made a verbal agreement to star in the film in October 1992 she attempted to back out. Abramson filed a $20 million lawsuit against Goldberg, which they settled very quickly. Goldberg agreed to star in the film for $7 million, ]$2 million more than the originally agreed-upon amount.

One of the attorneys on the case described this as being similar to the legal battle of Kim Basinger when she backed out of the film Boxing Helena.

Watch the movie below:


Ben Kingsley talks to Ben Kingsley

When asked if he would be in “Iron Man 4″ Sir Ben Kingsley recounted a conversation he had with the character he played. Sir Ben did both his voice and Trevor’s (The Mandarin).

Watch below.

Sir Ben Kingsley chose acting and has starred in virtually every genre of film, including the superhero world playing the Mandarin in “Iron Man 3″.  Sir Ben has hinted that his character might even make a return in the next movie.



10 Things I learned about Batman from watching “Gotham”

Gotham-posters-featured-imageI just watched a sneak preview of Fox’s “Gotham.” It takes place while Bruce Wayne was just a
kid. Here’s a lot of background I learned about the characters’ history.

  1. While The Penguin always liked to eat fish, he never like anchovy pizza.
  2. Cat Woman was more of a dog person.
  3. Alfred was into Cosplay.
  4. The Joker was in a UCB harold called “The Fish Mooneys.”
  5. Robin’s future parents met on Grinder.
  6. The Riddler amassed 6 NPR Weekend Edition lapel pins by the age of 25. Two of which he earned.
  7. ‘The Usher,’ was going to be a super villain, until he found God and became a Promise Keeper.
  8. Bruce Wayne still has a VHS copy of Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl” that he took out from the Gotham City Blockbuster.
  9. Gotham City’s slogan is “Still less crime than New York and more sun than Seattle.”
  10. Poison Ivy thought it was spelled “Bat-man” for the longest time.

Interview with the “Samurai Cop”

Matt Hannon, thSamuraiStills8e star of the 1991 cult classic “Samurai Cop,” came over to my dining room area at my studio efficiency apartment for an in depth interview.

Listen here.

Find out some of the shooting secrets to some of the great scenes. Why was Matt wearing a woman’s wig in parts of the film? Was Matt dead? And for how long?

What’s with the dialogue? And why did Matt break my dining room chair? Don’t lean back on a wooden chair, dude!

Matt also talks about being Sylvester Stallone’s body guard, and opens up about his life of crime.SamuraiStills5

Buy a copy of the Special Edition DVD of “Samurai Cop.

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Thanks to Greg and Cinema Epoch.

Listen to our review of “Samurai Cop” from back in the day!


Jay Leno’s Buddy Cop Film

colliision course“Collision Course” (1989) was an attempt to capitalize on the matinée idol, Jay Leno and teen heart-throb, Pat Morita. Jim Wise (writer “Mad TV,” “Tonight Show With Jay Leno”) recaps with me this cop movie disaster.

Jim also talks about the Denzel Washington copflop Ricochet.”

Plot of Collision Course: A Japanese investigator (Morita) and a Detroit cop (Leno) team up to track down a stolen prototype turbocharger.

Watch Trailer below!


The Movie Marvel Doesn’t Want You to See

FILM THREAT 12 COVER1994’s “The Fantastic Four” was hidden. Listen to the inside scoop on the infamous Roger Corman “Fantastic Four.” It was a movie no one was supposed to see. The prints were burned. Who leaked it? Why would a company want to make a movie just to shelve it? Chris Gore was the editor of “Film Threat” magazine. He did a cover story about the production – not knowing the film was doomed. DOOMED! Chris give his insight on this blockbuster bootleg. Everything you ever wanted (or not wanted) to know about the early ’90s feature film. Gore is a movie/comic book nut. So he goes off on fun tagents about all things nerdy. Luckily for us, being nerdy is in now. Read more: Watch the movie after the jump: See the original Film Threat Magazine.

Monty Python Takes Over Morning Show (1975)

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.43.34 PMEric Idle, Graham Chapman, Michael Palin and Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam take over a 70’s American morning show to promote their movie, “The Holly Grail.” (Starts about 1 minute in) They are the “co-hosts” for the hour.  They try to read prompter and by the end of they are tearing the studio up. Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 1.46.55 PM

The host seems to be having fun. The late Peter Jennings is having none of it. He seems pretty annoyed. Maybe because Chapman sneaks a middle finger on air.

There’s also an extra long clip from the movie.

The end credits play straight while the Python guys are tearing apart the set and attacking the host.

Say No more! (Video After the jump)


Jim Wise from “Showgirls” & the OJ Jury

The “Groundlings” lead Jim Wise to a part in “Showgirls” witnessing  director Paul Verhoeven and Elizabeth Berkley on set romance, a private Hollywood “Showgirls” screening with Kyle MacLachlan and a command performance for the OJ Simpson jury with  Will Ferrell


2660Jim Wise is a singer, actor and a writer known for his role as Coach Tugnut in Even Stevens (2000), Kenny the Psychopath in Just Shoot Me (1998), Saturday Night Live (1975), MADtv (1995) and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (1992) and I met him working at Arsenio Hall (2014). He’s the  voice of the Goofy Goober Rock Singer featured in the SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2004). And, he is perhaps best known for being in scenes deleted from Will Ferrell movies.



“Dawn Of the Planet of the Apes” (Not Monkeys)

Dawn-of-the-Planet-of-the-Apes1Sean Conroy (“The Long Shot Podcast,” writer “Mr. Pickles”) and I talk about the #1 movie of the weekend, “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.” It’s filled with spoilers and mispronunciation. Listen to me call “apes,” “monkeys.”

We talk about the incredible CGI, thimgrese interesting plot and the old school sexism.

Sean and I know each other from our stand up days in the go-go 90’s. Please vote on the over under on when Sean Conroy will buy my first child a gift. The over/under is two years.

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PRP-apeHere’s some history of the “Planet of the Apes” with @ThatChrisGore.


9 Tips to Being a Good TV Cop

Attention TV police cadets – I am a veteran TV cop show watcher. I have se  en things you can only imagine. After years of watching the force here’s what every good TV cop does.

1) React very strongly to kid cases – All cases of murder are horrible, but if it involves children you have to get extra angry and take it personal. “Damn it!” “It’s just not fair.” (Kick desk or punch a file cabinet.)preview1-630x433-1

2) (The Guy from) “The Butler” did it. The bigger the guest actor, the more likely they did it. Adam Arkin isn’t doing a guest spot to just to be cleared of all charges. Arkin wants a perp walk! If you meet a suspect and think, “Was that guy on that show with that lady?” – then you got your murderer. This is mostly for cops on the “Law & Order” beat. READ MORE »

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