“Boiler Room” Small Time Scorsese


boiler_room_wallpaperBoiler Room, the Vin Deisel/Ben Affleck sausage fest, is proudly resented by Shawn Marek (Sideshow Network hot shot). We talk about the movie, lots of nerd stuff, the best Batman show on TV and Shawn and I compare telemarketing stories.

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Christopher Guest’s FIrst Film “The Big Picture”


Dan Miles. Host of “Friends of Dan Music Podcast.” Fan of the seeing the big picture, but not being bamboolzed.

Before Christopher Guest signed his big Netflix deal, he directed this gem about the movie business.

Dan Miles brings two films with him. He proudly presents his favorite movie, “The Big Picture” and proudly resents his least favorite, “Bamboozled.”

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“Gleaming the Cube” With Rob Logan










“Mr.  Robot’s” Christian Slater is a skate punk who doesn’t give a crap! It’s like Repo Man without without the quality.

Rob Logan from “Geek Generation Podcast,” proudly resents “Gleaming The Cube.”

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Adam Sandler’s “The Cobbler”


Adam Sandler shoe horns a all of his bad film retreads and puts them through the NYC Indie Filmlook. Mike Spiegelman (best known as “Spiegs’ brother”) takes the movie and steps all over it.

Links from the show:

Watch – Joe Dirt 2 TC_111313_MP-323.nef

7 PPl I owe $ 2

Mike’s funny book

Tangerine review

Breaker, Breaker Review

Media Yenta

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Chuck Norris in his first film “Breaker, Breaker!”

Where Chuck Norris began… and almost ended his film career.

Before “Walker, Texas Ranger,” Chuck Norris kicked his way through the 70’s trucker/dirt bike/kung fu movie “Breaker! Breaker!”

It’s 1977 and everyone wants to be a trucker. That was the craze. So someone figured to put some Karate and some so trucks together. Continue reading Chuck Norris in his first film “Breaker, Breaker!”

Worst Baseball Movies Ever. Swing and a Miss!


Writer, director and podcaster, Paul Sullivan comes to give us the three (plus bonuses) worst baseball movies ever. Paul is the host of the daily baseball podcast, “Sully Baseball.” That show is going to hit episode #1,000 real soon.

Buy Paul’s film “I’ll Believe You.”

So I invited him on to talk about the nation’s two favorite past times, baseball and listening to Sully’s podcast. I mean movies. As Paul points out, the list of the best BB movies are usually the same. SO he picks films that didn’t quite knock it out of the park (get it?)

I’ve seen most of the films Paul’s talking about. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, since I HATE watching baseball games. I like going live. That’s an event. But watching on TV or as my dad did, listen on the radio, never made sense to me. Like I tell Paul, when people start talking sports, they might as well be speaking Chinese. Not at all fun.

This is a great list of bad baseball movies. Plus we go off and talk about other things. Vin Diesel going “full Steve Segal,” good and bad Albert Brooks, Marc Maron’s search for your “guys,” how we met, Paul’s Holocaust denial and Paul’s Holocaust denial, denial.


Here are other shows with Paul!




Jerry Lewis is “Hardly Working.” Spoiler: Terrible.


HARDLY WORKING, Jerry Lewis, 1980, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp

Sorry France, this Jerry Lewis clunker is le marde. My big Bro Mike Spiegelman and I review the film our mom would not let us see when it came out in the theater.

Check out Mike’s funny joke book. Discount for listeners (and you!).

A couple of things I forgot:
If this is supposed to be for kids, why is Jerry Lewis at a strip club? Is it for kids who like a good scotch and can take a punch?

You can watch Jerry Lewis’ film here:

Typewriter bit!

In honor this masterpiece of meh, I am re-posting Roger Ebert’s review in full of jerry Lewis is “Hardly Working”  (Until Jerry Lewis asks me to take it down.)

“Hardly Working” is one of the great non-experiences of my moviegoing life. I was absolutely stunned by the vast stupidity of this film. It was a test of patience and tolerance that a saint might not have passed–but I didn’t walk out. I remained for every single last dismal wretched awful moment. I was keeping a pledge to myself.

Watching the “Today” show in a hotel room in Los Angeles, I saw Jerry Lewis being interviewed by Gene Shalit. Jerry was convinced that the critics had it in for him. He hinted, none too subtly, that the chances were Shalit would dislike the film when he saw it (Shalit claimed not to have seen it already, which was an excellent ploy). In “Variety” I’d read that the critics were barred from the Miami premiere of the film because, and I paraphrase, Jerry Lewis makes films for the masses and critics are unequipped to understand his appeal. Horse manure. “Hardly Working” is one of the worst movies ever to achieve commercial release in this country, and it is no wonder it was on the shelf for two years before it saw the light of day. It is not just a bad film, it is incompetent filmmaking.Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.15.33 PM

Jerry Lewis, as director, has no sense of timing–and timing is the soul of comedy. He leaves people standing onscreen waiting for something to be said. He throws in random, odd pieces of comic business that are inexplicable and not funny. He has made his film into an educational experience: See it, and you will learn by default what competent film editing is.

The plot stars Jerry as a born loser who is fired from his job as a circus clown (and no wonder; the film’s one clown sequence is not even remotely funny). He throws himself on the mercy of his sister and brother-in-law, and then tries his hand at a variety of jobs, including gas station attendant, before finally winding up with the U.S. Postal Service. The movie sets us up for several comic set pieces, none of which deliver. Example: Applying for a job at the gas station, Jerry sneaks up behind the owner, who is making a tall stack of oil cans. Jerry scares him, and the owner tips the cans over. Later, Jerry lets a customer’s gas tank overflow. The owner, nearly finished rebuilding the stack, sees what Jerry is doing and so deliberately knocks over the stack again. Why? That is an excellent question to ask again and again during this movie.

Some scenes are totally inexplicable. These include a conversation Lewis has with himself in drag (it doesn’t even use trick photography, just over-the-shoulder shots with stand-ins wearing wigs); a scene in which he waits for a very long time in a supervisor’s office, to no avail; and several scenes in which he spills things on people. Once, a very long time ago, Jerry Lewis made me laugh. I was seven at the time. He still seems to be making movies for the same audience.

When Netflix & Game Shows use ICA, an “Intolerant Computerized Algorithm”

I recently watched a doc on Netflix about LA gangs. It was really good.

Netflix’s computerized system was right to assume I would want to watch other docs on gangs. I can see them thinking that would spill into docs about gangsters and people in jail. I guess it would also make sense that I like docs in general. I get that too. But why would they think I would want to watch a beloved family sitcom based on watching “Crips and Bloods?” I don’t see the connection.

Other computer fails:

There’s that old joke; “When you look up insecure in the dictionary, your face is next to the definition.” (You can tell it’s an old joke because people are using dictionaries in it.) Well Netflix just updated it. I’m not sure why I was looking up insecurity…

 Game Show Fail: 
While watching the game show Lingo, I came about a total fail. On Lingo you have 5 chances to figure out what word they are thinking of by taking guesses.

Two couples compete against each other. I assumed they were couples. That would make sense. There was a male/female black couple and a male white couple. I assume they are dating. Look at the word they had to guess.

I thought I should take a picture. Maybe that’s a funny random act. The male team won and when into a the bonus round.

The white team kicked the other teams ass. Chuck Woolery kept harping on the slaughter.

Followed by this random word choice…

And this the random word machine got mean…

Because game shows are governed by the FCC questions have to random, so it’s strange that these words came up when they did.

Religious Films, Vanity Projects & “Cinematic Immunity”


in_my_sleep_xlgProducer Daniel Sollinger returns to talk about his films, “In My Sleep” among others. He tells us what works in a vanity project and what doesn’t. We disagree about the amount religion is in his religious film. Also the pros and cons of the DGA and PGA.

We talk about the recent court decision concerning a fatality on a movie set.  Plus, what’s cinematic immunity?

Sollinger’s latest film “LA Slasher” opens June 12th.


Listen to Daniel’s previous interview here:

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