“The Disaster Artist” The Real Sandy Schklair


Sandy Schklair wrote the book, “Yes, I Directed The Room” to let you know just that. I interviewed the script supervisor and controversial director in his home about what it was like to see his life on the big screen in the new James Franco movie, “The Disaster Artist” and being played by a movie star, Seth Rogan. Sandy explains why he feels he directed the film, why he deserves credit and what that means to him. He also clears up some discrepancies in the movie “The Disaster Artist.”

Sandy Schklair also tells some great behind the scenes stories including the origin of the spoon. Check out lots more in Sandy’s book, “Yes, I directed the Room.”

I want to thank Sandy and Dina for doing the interview and Rick Harper and Alexandre Royal Pelletier
for setting it up. Well, what do you think? Did Sandy direct the movie and if so, so what? What did you think of The Disaster Artist.

This is the second interview I did with Sandy. Listen to it to see some contradictions.

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