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  • 3 Must See Cult Films (According to Todd)

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp169b.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS3 Must-See Films, Nic Cage rage and Killer Rats.What are Todd’s three must see movies before you die? How do you react when […]

  • The Razzies: Kirk Cameron Vs. Michael Bay

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp167.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSSWhat’s the only way Nic Cage and “Saving Christmas” can win an award this year?  The Razzies.  John Wilson and his Golden Raspberry […]

  • Rob Schrab Eats “Deadly Prey”

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp045.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS Rob Schrab (Sarah Silverman Program, Heat Vision and Jack) joins us to proudly resent “Deadly Prey.” It’s an ultra violent low-budget Rambo […]

  • Nic Cage’s “Wicker Man” with @AdamFelber

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp034.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSSNic Cage’s “Wicker Man” is a must see & a cult classic. Scene after scene of “what-the-heckness?” awaits. Adam Felber (NPR, “Real Time […]

  • The 3 minute Wicker Man starring Nicolas Cage

    Here’s a look of the next film we are reviewing. Adam Felber joins me for the classic, Wicker Man. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Here’s what you need […]

  • Bruckheimer Pitch Meeting

    This is real. I play loom on this.* *I have nothing to do with this.

  • “Troll 2” actor George Hardy

    https://media.blubrry.com/proudlyresents/proudlyresents.com/media/prp024.mp3Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: Google Podcasts | RSS“Troll 2” star George Hardy (the dad) talks to us about cheap sets, flubbing lines, stale pizza and his opinions on another cult […]