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Robyn Paris From “The Room” Tells All

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“The Disaster Artist” The Real Sandy Schklair


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“Nail Gun Massacre” w/ Todd Levin

“Nail Gun Massacre” w/ Todd Levin
"Nail Gun Massacre"

“Nail Gun Massacre”

“Nail Gun Massacre” It’s “Nail Gun Massacre” a very fun slasher film where the killer dishes out bad one liners and nail influenced death. Todd Levin (“Conan”) and Adam Spiegelman (Proudly  Resents) talk about this great bad movie and what the Sklar Brothers would be like as mass murders.

Look out! Nails! These nails will get you just by going in your hands.

Clips of “Nail Gun Massacre” were taken out of the show b/c the NGM people pulled down other sites that played clips. But I was able to get the ending of “Nail Gun Massacre” off youtube. It’s not in English, but it wouldn’t make any more sense if it was.

Here’s Todd Levin talking about Todd Levin. By Todd Levin:

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The “Real” Disaster Artist, Sandy Schklair

Listen Here (YouTube clip below) to all the secrets of the “The Disaster Artist.” 

More inside stories one of the crew members of “The Room.”

Sandy Schklair, played by Seth Rogan in The Disaster Artist, claims  that when he was hired for this vanity project he was asked to “Tell the actors where to go and to call ‘action’ and ‘cut.” Sandy never thought the movie would be seen, by anyone.

Faster than you can say “Springtime for Hitler,” “The Room” is an international hit and Tommy is taking all the credit. Sandy sits down with host Adam Spiegelman (ME!)

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“Oh, Hi Sandy!”

“Oh, Hi Sandy!”

“The Room” Scandal?

Did Tommy Wiseau not direct “The Room?”  Was it even directed? The script supervisor, Sandy Schklair  has come forward claiming that Tommy had Sandy yell, “Action” and “Cut” and other director duties. But Tommy still thinks he directed the film.

As a fan of the movie and lure, I love this. This makes me love the movie more. The fact that the director could not be bothered to direct it so he had someone else to and still takes the “glory” is fantastic. It adds to Tommy’s persona.

I have put out a request to Sandy Schklair on Facebook. Hopefully he will get back to me and we can get an interview. Talk to us Sandy!