Nicko Returns (How dare you?)

What’s your favorite podcast? Nicko returns via Skype with Adam to ask the audience, “What’s your favorite podcast?” Learn how to tell us and win a prize. Also – great British TV, Sarah Palin goes all British on your ass, who’s more hateful and the next film we are reviewing is revealed!

While editing a show about “Ghost Fever,” I discovered that someone (Joey) had their cell phone on and ruined the audio. One quick call to Nicko and we get a very funny replacement episode and/or diminishing returns.

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Honestly, I never had an episode with just goofing around. It’s funny. Nicko is the greatest. It’s just that this episode has no take home value. No discovery. No hugging. In other words, a perfect podcast. Next episode in two weeks on schedule.

7 Replies to “Nicko Returns (How dare you?)”

  1. Kate Handy

    Seriously! You guys should do some sort of show together, you seem to crack each other up!

  2. admin

    YES! More Nicko on this show is she’ll do it. In a couple of weeks we’ll do “Night Train to Terror” then we’ll pick another movie. She’s the funniest!

    PS. Watch “NTTT” and tell us what you think.

  3. Don McCoy

    You guys are great together. Such a fun episode. I hope she can be a regular guest every few months or so. Love it. Thanks.

  4. James Levis

    You need to forget Proudly Resents and do the A&N show, you seem to have a natural chemistry, I’m still laughing. Like Don has said above, Love it.

  5. admin

    Don’t worry, if Nicko will do it, we’ll have more Nicko and me together. I just don’t feel like starting another show. She’ll be on as much as she will do it. Meanwhile, I’ll put her name on the titles so you skim and just listen to the ones with her on it.

    We just recorded a show about “Night Train to Terror.” Watch it and tell us what you think.

    Next week…you want Nicko or Jimmy Dore? One vote will sway it.

  6. James Levis

    No contest, got to be more Nicko. I keep listening to the shows you two have done…they still make me laugh! I hope she becomes a regular then seeing as you can’t be bothered to do another show.

    Maybe you should do a show based on her take on American politics haha

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