Nicko is back w/ “Night Train to Terror!” Bull from “Night Court” stars in this clunky classic. Listen when Nicko once again tries to tell me that guy from “Shark Attack 3” is famous. Find out why she is doing the show under a net.

See the movie live In Los Angeles with an audience! Heckle all you want!

Horrible Movie Night!!
Saturday, January 21st, 2012
8PM (Doors 7:15PM)
The Complex Theater – East Theater
6468 Santa Monica Blvd. Hollywood, Calif., 90038   $10.


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Also Mike Spiegelman makes a very funny debut.






7 thoughts on “Nicko Crashes the “Night Train to Terror”

  • Jeff

    Great show this week. Love your and Nicko’s chemistry! I think I’ve seen this flick but I don;t remember Bull from Night Court in it. Need to see it again. Love the show!

    • admin Post author

      Nicko is the best. I hope to have her on regularly – if she doesn’t get murdered on her Agatha Christie boat trip from London to New Amsterdam. T worst, her pearls will get stolen.


  • Kate Handy

    YAY MORE NICKO! You two make me laugh so much!

  • Kevin

    What is the next film you’ll be doing together?

    • admin Post author

      We are doing “Jaws 4.” We are recording on Sunday so send us your comments (written or voice mail) and we’ll include them.

  • peter

    Maybe you should do a Jewish history podcast!

    loving the energy of you two

    • admin Post author

      We’re doing more “Proudly Resents” until we figure out a new show. It’s a lot of work. We’re recording this weekend.

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