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Four Ho Ho Horrible Holiday Films

We’re ripping apart, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, Star Wars Holiday Special, Adam Sandler’s 8 Crazy Nights and a blasfominst review of “It’s a Wonderful Life.” plus a new song from the great Rob paravonian.

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“Miami Connection” Live! w/ Graham Elwood, Kathleen Wilhoite & Susanna Brisk

Graham Elwood (“Comedy Film Nerds”) & Susanna Brisk (“MILF Code”) proudly resent the cult classic, “Miami Connection.” They join me at the Hollywood Improv Lab for a live show for a very few (select) people.

The great Kathleen Wilhoite covers one of the terrible “songs” from “Miami Connection.” She also sings the song that she did in the movie “RoadHouse.” Yes, that “RoadHouse.” Hear Kathleen spill the beans on the onset drinking and drugging on a previous episode with Joel Stein. 

Back to this episode… Here’s a trailer for the film and part of the original song that Kathleen covers.


Listen to past live shows…

“A live Tribute to Troma”
With Christian Finnegan (Late Late Show) Mike C. Williams (Blair Witch Project) Asta Paredes & Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke’Em High) Robert Prichard (Class of Nuke Em High) and music from Ben Lerman.


With Eric Schaeffer, Frank Conniff (MST3K), Bryan Tucker (SNL head writer) and music from Rob Paravonian.

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“Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas” Live w/@JimmyPardo, @ToddLevin and @SharonHouston

KIRK 2Jimmy Pardo,  Todd Levin  (Conan) and comedian Sharon Houston  (Punk’d) rip apart the worst Christmas movie ever made, “Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas.”

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@NikkiGlaser, @RichVos & @bonniemcfarlane at #nmx

@NikkiGlaser, @RichVos & @bonniemcfarlane at #nmx

Rich Vos, Nikki Glaser and Bonnie McFarlane joined me on a panel at this year’s Blogworld Expo (now New Media Expo). I lead a talk about stand up comedians in podcasting.  Al Madrigal was supposed to be on the panel also, but he had to do a bit on “The Daily Show” that night. Thanks to Cliff Ravenscraft for setting up the talk. Hopefully, I’ll see you at New Media Expo in January.
Read my pre-interview with Nikki Glaser.

I apologize for my terrible mic technique. You have to hear the Question and Answer section at the end.

Three of the Week – 12/12/11

Three of the Week – 12/12/11

Every week we have three new suggestions for podcasts. Check them out. See if what I care?
My Wife Hates Me One of my favorite comedians has a podcast! Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane fight on microphones. The two of them are great stand up comedians that met on “Last Comic Standing.” Rich was in the first season and Bonnie in the second. Neither one of them won the show, but they found love…awe. They got married and had a kid.

It didn’t take Bonnie long before everything that Rich did annoyed her. We feel her pain. And laugh the whole time.

They are really funny together.  This is a great lose forum for them.I don’t have much else to say, but it’s super funny.


PodCRASH Chris Gore has a unique idea for a podcast. He guests on other people’s shows uses it on his show. Mostly he airs his parts. His first episode was his appearance on my podcast “Proudly Resents.”

He opens each show with a rant, which could be a show on its own. Chris is really funny and interesting. He can talk about any subject and does. He takes questions and ends each show with a clip of a movie using typical movie Dialogue. Let’s Get Him. What about a clip of a person crawling through an air vent?  They seem to do that in every movie.

If you crave even more Chris Gore he will be on a brand new “Proudly Resents” this Wednesday. We’ll discuss the great film “Logan’s Run.” He also talks about his favorite movie of the year, “The Rise of the Planets of the Apes” and a history of the “Planet of the Apes” movies. Subscribe on itunes or Stitcher.


Tne Wolf Den – This show is a little behind the scenes, only because it’s purely behind the scenes. The CEO of a comedy podcast network, Jeff Ulrich, naturally talks to Ear Wolf’s loyal fans through a podcast. What did you say? You don’t have an ironic mustache or take classes at the UCB? Why would you care? Jeff also has titans in the new media business talking about how they are coping in this new media world. Listen to the Jimmy Pardo episode (what podcast doesn’t have one) to hear the comedian’s journey from record store clerk to podcast pioneer. Also hear him get the name of Jeff’s company wrong every time he uses it. Never Not Not Air Wolf.


Three of the Week. 10/10

Three of the Week. 10/10

Three podcasts I wait for each week. I hope you will like…

“Daytime Justice” – Sharon Houston talks to people in the strange world of daytime court shows. I worked in this genre for five years. There are a lot of great stories. Wait for the teeth episode. Also look for my interview.


“Filmweek” – Every Friday a rotating panel of reviewers review the latest releases. Great conversations. Airs earlier that day at 11 on KPCC in Los Angeles.


“Paul Goebel Show” – It’s supposed to be about TV, but it’s mostly Paul and his funny friends goofing around. Unlike every other show with three dudes talking, each person sounds different and have a different role. He gets a lot of great guests. Paul F. Tompkins, Jimmy Pardo, Janitor from “Scrubs.”

Please email me with any suggestions. I turned the comment section off because I get 1,000 spam comments to the one real one. If you have a show  or a comment about one of the shows listed, email me or comment on our facebook page.



Also remember to listen to “Proudly Resents.” This Wednesday Nicko returns with Jon Cryer is “Hiding Out.”

Jimmy Pardo & “Kiss & the Phantom of the Park”

Never Not Funny’s Jimmy Pardo  resents”Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park.” Yes,  the band Kiss with make up and super powers. Yes, super powers. Watch them fight the evil Kiss created by a mad scientist who happens to work out of the local Six Flags.

1978 TV execs wanted to get that allusive Kiss Army audience. What do they want? The band Kiss, music, magic spells and roller coasters in the background. It’s more “Scooby Do” than “Hard Day’s Night. ” Can’t fail!

We also talk about Jimmy’s popular podcast “Never Not Funny,”   his love for Liza and we blow the lid off of Adam Spiegelman’s (Host “Proudly Resents”) great cleaning lady scandal.

Also: Nicko makes an uncomfortable appearance, we introduce new news site @extremelylocal, explore the seedy world of salad bars with  Luggage Tuesdays  and a plug for a great live show. Go see “Up Late With Adam Fisher” even if one of the writers owes me $100. Cough -Noah Kaufman- Cough.

Next Show: “Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park”

Next Show: “Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park”

Jimmy Pardo (Conan) guests on “Proudly Resents” this Wednesday. He’ll bring the infamous Kiss movie with him as well as his uncanny skill of making sentences into acronyms.  

Listen to the show on itune, Stitcher or on this site on Wednesday. Enjoy the trailer below.

The entire movie is available in 14 parts on youtube.

Why is the phantom not wearing a mask? I don’t know.