“Tiptoes” w/ @Toddlevin & @AdamFelber

Garry Oldman is wearing shoes on his knees to play a little person! Like “Dorf on Golf.” Need we say more? Ok, lets.. EMMY nominated writers Adam Felber and Todd Levin join non-nominated Adam Spiegelman to talk about “Tipoes,” Gary Oldman’s big career misstep, what jobs are recession proof, why Peter Dinklage is a jerk and the all white “What’s Happening.”

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UPDATE: Sadly, Adam, Brian and Todd lost to Colbert.  You guys did a great job, all you guys deserved it.

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  1. Chava Abbott (aka Erika)

    One of the worst movies I ever saw, was “back in the day”. My parents dragged to me to “The Other Sister” one year for my birthday.
    I can’t stand movies where they pander to the audience….

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