Nicko dives into “Zombie Lake”


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“Zombie Lake” Has Nazi Zombies, bad dubbing, funny make up, visible film crew and lots and lots of nudity. Who Could ask for more? Nicko and I discuss this French masterpiece. Watch the movie on our website for free (still too much!)

Our next film, Aerobicide AKA Killer Work Out. Has even more nudity! Watch it on our website and leave voice or  e mail.

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Watch “Zombie Lake” unedited below for free!


Celebrity Apprentice – Dayana Fired. Finally

Trump is backed in a corner and must fire his beloved Dayana. Lisa, Clay and Aubrey all act horrible. And speaking of horrible – Nicko is back to talk about the show I’m torturing her with. Now the final six Clay Aiken, Lisa Lampenelli, Arsenio Hall, Abrey O’Day and the woman from Jersey Housewives that Read more about Celebrity Apprentice – Dayana Fired. Finally[…]

Trump Debates “Doomsday”

Trump debates who will get fired on this classic episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.” threw his power around on “TheCelebrity Apprentice” before running for President. This episode on the show, we literally watched paint dry. Nicko goes on about some show “Doomsday Preppers” and then back to the show. Whatever you do, don’t go to Read more about Trump Debates “Doomsday”[…]

Celeb Apprentice Made Me Sick

Nicko & I return to talk about the most ridiculous, cry filled “Celebrity Apprentice.” After a week off Nicko is fire and so ampt’ed about the crazy  read head she forgot about making fun of Clay Aiken’s face. Go to the “Proudly Resents” Facebook with your “Celebprentice”opinions. (look, I just made up a word.)

Donald Trump


Donald TrumpDonald Trump is now running for President. Walls, no taxes, blood coming out of where ever. Before Running for President of the United States against Hillary Clinton, he was the host of the “Celebrity Apprentice.”
Here’s a recap of that show and more.

Will Donald Trump win the Apprentice? No, because he’s the host. But one of the people will get to be in his cabinet. Linen. China. Russia. Vice President Pence.





Celeb Apprentice Weak Too [sic]


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSSNicko talks Celebrity Apprentice week two. But mostly she insults me. We talk about bad plastic surgery and the fact that she doesn’t know the difference between “Star Trek” and Star Wars.” Also the perfect kids show, “Unicorn Transformers.” Next week I’ll interview the head of the Razzies Read more about Celeb Apprentice Weak Too [sic][…]

Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice 1 W/ Nicko


Podcast: DownloadSubscribe: Android | Google Play | RSSNicko flies in from Wales every week just to watch “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Not really. She watches it on the internets. You think you don’t who those people are, imagine if you’re from a made up place like Wales. We are trying to talk about the show every Read more about Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice 1 W/ Nicko[…]